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Morro Branco: Crowded or deserted?

Written on: Friday September 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

A French couple that we had met in Belém and again in São Luis had told us about a place called Morro Branco: according to them there was absolutely nothing to do there, except for the beautiful beach with colored sand cliffs and high dunes and the nearby "Labyrinth" (see pictures). Exactly what we thought we needed after all that accidentical partying in São Luis.

Before going there however, Heikki pointed out to me (by chat), that the article I sent him about the place talked about "busloads of tourists arriving in the morning". What or who to believe?

Luckely for us, both were right. Lots of tourists arrived in the morning, to be taken to the Labyrinth by buggy (it was actually not more than 5 minutes to walk there). But they were gone as quickly as they appeared, and we had the place all to ourselves, including the only basic restaurant in the village. Exactly what we needed indeed.