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Learn Brazilian Portuguese in just four steps!

Written on: Wednesday August 8th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Want to learn Portuguese?

Following these steps will definitely speed up the process:

  1. Find a boat for almost 4 days, for example from Porto Velho to Manuas, and pay too much for the trip. Still not much, considering it includes all food as well.
  2. Bring your own hammock. Buy a good one! We already have a few nice ones at home which are just hanging around anyway, so I thought not to buy a nice, big and expensive rede, as they call it. Also, we didn´t want to look like a tourist, so we bought a small and cheap one. Well, all the locals had colourful, soft, and -more importantly- HUGE hammocks, while we had problems even trying to stay in ours at night, so it DID make us look like a tourist all the more.
  3. Find a space to hang it up. This can be really difficult, as chances are that there will be a lot more passengers than space available. You don´t have to learn to do the nod, as the other passengers will come to you and help you anyway (If you want to make friends really quickly, hang it up wrongly!).
  4. Wait for the boat to leave, sit around (either on the topdeck or in your hammock) and people will start speaking to you and teach you Portuguese. A few tips for a starting vocabulary: futebol, forró , "muito legal!" and telenovela (soap opera).


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From Dille on Sep 2nd, 2007

He, ik zie het wel hoor: die tenen bij de foto van Roy in de hangmat!!! Stiekem toch je mooie tenen showen, Ingrid?

From Ingrid on Sep 2nd, 2007

Dille, ben je daar nu nog steeds niet overheen? Ik heb al een schilderij van JOUW mooie tenen thuis!