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Geri in La Paz

Written on: Monday June 25th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

For many reasons it was great to have Geri travelling with us for 4 weeks. One important reason was that she was definitely more careless about her stuff than I am, something Roy didn´t think possible.

But, like me, she would usually re-find everything she had lost, not always the same item as before though (she ended up with MY Labello in her pocket, with God-knows-who´s sunglasses on her head and Esther´s towel in her backpack, but the latter wasn´t an accident).

Not sure how, but she did always find her own passport, wallet and the most important stuff back....Except this one time when we were in La Paz for only a few hours, to take the bus to Uyuni, where she got money out of the cash machine and left the card IN the machine afterwards.

It must be a Klazema thing to then blame the machine and not oneself, as I seem to remember her brother doing the same thing in China, see below. Anyway, card was cancelled, money was borrowed and we continued to cold Uyuni.

Quote Hendrik Klazema:

"Valt verder nog te melden dat ik denk ik het plaatselijke record bankpas in laten slikken heb gebroken, 2 keer in 3 dagen. krijg je als ze je eerst je geld geven en dan pas je pas. "



From Janke on Jul 26th, 2007

Too make things and us klazema's look even worse.. Just happened to me in China, about 2 weeks ago, with my creditcard.... well, you get used to it, after bein a Klazema for 30 years.

From Hendrik on Jul 26th, 2007

Its either blaming the machine or our parents who apparently denied us the talent of understanding the mysterious logic of these machines, since everybody knows how organized and careful us Klazema's usually are.....

From Geri on Jul 26th, 2007

You see, it is not my fault!! Or are we just proving Ingrid's point..