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"High Life"

Written on: Friday July 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Living in Amsterdam (although not this year), the words "High Life" remind me of a green plant that is smoked well over the world and a magazine about this plant that can be found in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. But the words "High Life" are also used in a different context, namely in living or being at high altitude. After spending a couple of months travelling in the Andes I can say that I now have experience in both kinds of high life. And to my surprise there a quite a few similarities between them.

Puffing is one of them. When smoking this green plant there's obviously some puffing needed to get high. And when high (at altitude that is) you start puffing whenever you're just walking a few steps. So puffing is a similarity.

Because of all this puffing when walking, or doing anything else physically demanding, if you're high (at altitude), you walk slowly and don't do too much. Which is again similar whit being high (from smoking). In that case you also don't do too much. And what you do, you tend to do slowly.

Other similarities appear when you get too high, one way or the other, too fast. When going high (at altitude) too fast, you start to feel light in your head, you can get nauseas and might even vomit. The same happens when getting high (from smoking) too fast. Although the lightheadedness, the nausea and the throwing up here will probably occur much sooner after getting too fast high (from smoking).

A difference between being high however is that when you're high (on altitude) and stay high, these symptoms will slowly disappear over time and you will start to feel better even when being high (at altitude). While when being high (from smoking), and you want to stay that way, you just have to keep on puffing and you will probably not do to much in between, so nothing changes much.

Being high (at altitude) in La Paz Ingrid and I couldn't be bothered with it anymore. The symptoms of being high again, after some time at low altitude, combined with the cold (especially at night) made us decide to leave La Paz soon after we said goodbye to Geri. So we went down.