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Capybara love in the Pampas

Written on: Saturday July 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

On our pampatour in Rurrenabaque we saw a lot of animals. Caymans, alligators, monkeys, birds, fish, river dolphins and even 2 snakes (including a small Anaconda). Of course there were a lot of insects as well. And although Ingrid and Geri enjoyed all this, it seemed irrelevant to them once they had seen a Capybara.

From the first moment they laid eyes on one, they couldn't stop talking and giggling about it. It felt like being around 2 teenage girls who just had seen Brad Pitt. It was obvious; they were in love, in Capybara love.

Or rather, they are still in Capybara love. One month later I still see Ingrid's mind wandering off now and then. Her eyes will get gloomy and her face wil soften. At that moment I know I just have to look around and I will see a picture or drawing or painting with a Capybara.

And as for Geri; the latest report I heard is that she magnified one of her Capybara pictures and put it above her bed.

But as with most teenage crushes, this will probably disappear soon after they see another interesting specie. I only hope this time, it will be a better looking creature.





From Geri on Aug 5th, 2007

Zo lief... en ze zwaaien met hun oortjes!!