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Written on: Saturday June 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

When planning our trip we didn´t intend to go to Lima. But as it turned out we ended up there three times, although the first and last time we were merely passing through.

The first time, in fact, we really didn´t want to go to Lima. In the nightbus from Arequipa to Huancachina we were supposed to be woken up by the steward near Huancachina. But as daylight came and time passed by, we were begining to wonder where we were and where we had to get out. A roadsign made it all clear. The sign said: central Lima. Oops. We were a few hundred kilometers further then we wanted to be. Which meant we had to take another bus back, which was slower and took about 5 hours. But as you may have read in our previous stories we did make it to Huancachina in the end.

The second time in Lima we did actually mean to go to there. And the reason was we wanted to go shopping. Or more needed to go shopping. After a few months travelling a lot of our clothes seemed to fall apart. And for all of you who know Ingrid, shopping is not her favourite hobby, so it promised to be an interesting day. But she behaved well and we managed to buy a few things. And to reward ourselves we got really drunk that night in a sort of pubcrawl, which resulted in a huge hangover and watching TV the whole next day. And because we were leaving the next day we didn´t visit anything else, so no pictures.

The third time in Lima was just a brief stint from busstation to airport. After our heartstopping Huancayo-Ayacucho bustrip, which made us wonder several times if we would survive it, we were not up for another long 24 hours busride from Ayacucho to Cusco. So we decided to bus back to Lima and take a plane to be in time for Geri, who would be arriving the next day.

And Lima, will we go there again? I don´t know, but if we do we´ll try to make some pictures.