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His name was "El gringo"....

Written on: Thursday May 17th, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

Advice to vegetarians and children with pets: Skip this entry!

As soon as we crossed the border with Peru, we were invited to someoneīs house to have lunch. Isabel, a Peruvian woman we had shared a car with, explained that she had a house in Tacna, a border town of Peru, and no children, so she and her husband enjoined having guests over. The English couple we were travelling to Arequipa with were up for it as well -and we were hungry- so we accepted the kind invitation.

In the meantime, Isabel had phoned her husband, in order for him to start the preparations for lunch. Arriving to her house we were welcomed by a few noisy dogs and she showed us her animal farm-like roof terrace, full of chickens, geese and sweet and innocent-looking ...Guinea pigs! (Or cavias for the Dutch among us).

We knew we were going to have to eat Cuy at one point in Peru, but that it was this soon we hadnīt expected. Lunch was great however, all we had to do was not make any connection in our heads between the nice, little pets we had just stroked on the roof and the meaty bones on our plates.

Besides, the husband had killed the one on our plates already before we arrived. It was only a bit odd when he explained that the little creature used to be completely white and because of that called "El Gringo". But then again, would a Argentinean steak taste any different if you had known the name of the cow?