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Pisco, Islas Ballestas

Written on: Friday June 1st, 2007

A journal entry from: See you next year!

The classic horror movie ¨The Birds¨ made a big impression on me when I was young. Fortunately I didn´t develop a bird fobia after it, otherwise our trip to the Islas Ballestas would have scared the shit out of me. Although there was enough shit around.

The´Poor Man´s Galapagos´, as people also call these islands, must be a birdlovers´ heaven. Thousands and thousands of birds flying, sitting, diving, eating and shitting. There´s even so much shit that it is gathered and exported as a fertilizer.

But they not only leave their shit on the rocks. As a tourist, helpless on a boat, you can easily become a victim of a ´fly-by-shitting´. I presume this to be a messy situation, but since we were spared from it, I can only imagine. 

Accompanying the birds (including some penguins, which made Ingrid really happy) were a few colonies of sealions. And because they have a rich odour of themselves, they fit in nicely with the birds and their belongings.

All in all, it made a nice little tour. Even more with the dolphins we saw at the end.


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From Karin on Jun 15th, 2007

Super weer hoor al die foto's. Ziet er allemaal weer even spectaculair uit. Volgens mij zijn jullie enorm aan het genieten....houden zo!!! groetjes, Karin

From Marlieneke on Jun 27th, 2007

Hola, Me gusta le foto. Muy muy hermosa. En nu schrijf ik jullie nog even een mailtje. Al denk ik dat het antwoord wel te verwachten is......