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Travel Journal: Got to be True to Myself!, JUL08-SEP09


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May 23rd 2008
It's official!
Jun 9th 2008 Tentative Itinerary for the Trip, Rev 1
Jun 26th 2008 Change of plans...new launch location: Tonga
Jul 14th 2008
The first step
Jul 16th 2008
Nadi, Viti Levu
Jul 17th 2008
The dichotomy of the Outer Islands
Jul 18th 2008
Kava and birthdays
Jul 21st 2008
Tongatapu dreamin'
Jul 24th 2008 My Ship Has Come In!
Aug 5th 2008
Don't Worry, Be Ha'apai!
Aug 15th 2008
Life is a Dream, Vava'u, Tonga
Aug 27th 2008
Sep 5th 2008
Oui, Oui, Nouvelle Caledonie
Sep 10th 2008
Crickey! It's cold down here, mate.
Sep 14th 2008 Bali Hai
Sep 20th 2008
Beneath the surface of Sulawesi
Oct 2nd 2008
Back to Bali
Oct 6th 2008
Komodo dragons!
Oct 12th 2008
Singapore Sling
Oct 15th 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Oct 22nd 2008
Negara Brunei Darussalam
Oct 24th 2008
The Island of Borneo: Kota Kinabalu
Oct 26th 2008
The Island of Borneo: Mt. Kinabalu
Oct 29th 2008
The Island of Borneo: Orangutans and the Jungle
Nov 2nd 2008
The Island of Borneo: Semporna, Sipidan & Mabul
Nov 5th 2008 Back to KK
Nov 7th 2008 The Thrilla in Manila
Nov 8th 2008
To Dive or not to Dive
Nov 13th 2008 City of Angeles - map mark only
Nov 18th 2008
Seafood in the mountains
Nov 20th 2008
I Hate Being a Victim
Nov 24th 2008
Hong Kong: Good night, sleep tight...
Dec 1st 2008
Phenominal friends in Xiamen
Dec 12th 2008
Beijing and the Great Wall
Dec 21st 2008
Today's topic is: Vietnamese Cities that Start with the Letter "H"
Dec 25th 2008
Merry Christmas
Dec 30th 2008
Old Sai Gon
Jan 1st 2009
Auld Lang Syne and Angkor Wat
Jan 7th 2009
One (more) Night in Bangkok
Jan 15th 2009
Full Moon to Half Moon
Jan 20th 2009 Back to Bangkok
Jan 22nd 2009
The Black Hole of Kolkata
Jan 24th 2009
Nude Ellie
Jan 25th 2009
The Taj Mahal
Feb 1st 2009
Absolute bliss in Goa
Feb 5th 2009
Backwaters and Beaches
Feb 9th 2009
Fun in the Sun!
Feb 12th 2009
Goodbye India...hello Sri Lanka!
Feb 16th 2009
The Middle East: Indubitably Dubai
Feb 19th 2009
The Middle East: Kish my Ash
Feb 22nd 2009
The Middle East: Unexpected Bahrain
Feb 26th 2009
The Middle East: Quiet Qatar
Feb 28th 2009
The Middle East: B.A.C.K. to the U.A.E.
Mar 3rd 2009
The Middle East: Adventure in Oman
Mar 6th 2009
Nairobi, Kenya (via one final stop in Dubai)
Mar 9th 2009
Masai Mara safari
Mar 10th 2009
Lake Nukuru Safari
Mar 14th 2009
Time Out in Nairobi
Mar 19th 2009
Unexpected Stop in Tanzania
Mar 23rd 2009
Fantastically Exotic Zanzibar!
Mar 29th 2009
Stopover in Jo'burg
Apr 1st 2009
Walking the laid back streets of Maputo
Apr 4th 2009
Swimming with Whalesharks
Apr 7th 2009
Slow Start, Adventurous Finish in Swaziland
Apr 19th 2009
The Tip of Africa
Apr 25th 2009
Road Trip! The first step along the Garden Route.
May 1st 2009
Road Trip! The adventure section!
May 5th 2009
Road Trip! The Mountains.
May 11th 2009
The Seduction of Barcelona
May 19th 2009
Happy Birthday to Me!
May 21st 2009
S&M in Emmen
May 26th 2009
Timepieces, chocolate and army knives.
Jun 1st 2009
A reunion in Cologne, Germany
Jun 5th 2009
A Taste of Ireland in Frankfurt
Jun 9th 2009
Beer in Bavaria
Jun 12th 2009
A fairytale weekend amongst the castles!
Jun 16th 2009
Are you feeling Hungary?
Jun 19th 2009
Good Friends and Good Food in Vienna
Jun 25th 2009
A Day in Dubrovnik
Jun 29th 2009
Transitioning through the former Yugoslavia
Jul 3rd 2009
A Santorini Rendezvous
Jul 8th 2009
Mwuuaaaah-ha-ha-haaa: Touring Transylvania
Jul 11th 2009
Istanbul (not Constantinople)
Jul 13th 2009
The Roman Ruins of Ephesus
Jul 17th 2009
Relaxing on the Turkish Mediterranean
Jul 21st 2009
The Fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia
Jul 28th 2009
The Barran Lands of Turkish Cyprus
Aug 1st 2009
A Pinch and a Punch, First of the Month!
Aug 2nd 2009
The Dubliner
Aug 4th 2009
Irish Road Trip with the Lads
Aug 10th 2009
Chillin' in Co Wicklow
Aug 14th 2009
The Sunshine State
Aug 18th 2009
Mama, I'm coming home!
Sep 7th 2009 Journey's end.

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