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A Taste of Ireland in Frankfurt

Written on: Friday June 5th, 2009

Continuing the theme of visiting friends that I had met earlier on the trip, I arrived into Frankfurt for a weekend of fun with Florian, a mate that I hiked the Great Wall with six months earlier.  Florian was a paradox.  Although he was born and bred in Germany, his accent (and apparently true love) was that of Ireland.  So when we reached his flat it did not surprise me to see an extremely thorough collection of Irish whiskies.  Nineteen of them, if I counted correctly, many of which were very high end single malts.  Yes, it was a good choice to stop here for the weekend!  Further adding to the beauty of the apartment were dozens of blown up photographs from his trips around the globe.  A world traveler masquerading as a lawyer, Florian had seen his share of distant lands, and the photos displayed around the room made me feel right at home!

That night he called a mate over to join us for a BBQ on his balcony.  It was so a guys night...drinking beer, talking travel, eating meat.  Arrrr!  After dinner we strolled around town with no particular agenda.  So it surprised us greatly when we came upon a large crowd lining the banks of the Main River.  What was happening here?  It did not take long to find out.  We lucked out and were in store for a truly spectacular light and sound show, celebrating the final evening of an international gymnastics competition that was taking place in town.  It was sweet!  Water jets dancing to the pumping music, animated laser photographs displayed ON the water mist, and fireworks galore!  It was a grand performance that lasted almost thirty minutes.  

After the show we decided to go the Florian's home away from home...his local Irish bar.  This place was something else.  Packed with friendly people and bouncing to a mixture of traditional Irish ballads and absolute hard rock, it didn't take long to get into the mood.  We downed a few pints as Florian introduced me to several of the other locals in the joint.  Alas, we exited the premiscese as the sun started to rise.

The next day was a bit dreary, but we managed a long stroll through town, with Florian showing me the sights.  It was a good walk and by the time we made it home, I was ready to relax a bit.  But we didn't chill for long.  Instead, Florian's girlfriend came over and we were both treated to home cooked meal.  After a dessert of strawberries and freshly whipped cream, we opted to head back to The Pub.  Tonight's vibe was totally different from the previous evening's: it was mostly mellow, and there was actually space to walk around.  Florian was right, the bar had character, and one never knew what the night would entail when passing through the front doors.

Sunday morning Florian and I went for a run around town.  It was a good way to start the day.  A cool down and healthy breakfast followed, and soon the pack was once again on my back.  They were kind enough to walk me to the train station where we said our goodbyes.  It was a brief visit, but a good introduction to Frankfurt and certainly a fun reunion with my German-Irish traveling friend!