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Time Out in Nairobi

Written on: Saturday March 14th, 2009

You know the kind of day I'm writing about...the kind of day where you roll out of bed around noon.  Completely unmotivated to do a thing, brushing your teeth is considered a worthy accomplishment.  You plop on the couch by way of leftovers in the fridge.  The afternoon is spent curled up under a blanket, watching old movies or reruns of sitcoms that you've seen dozens of times before.  It's the type of day where you just want to recharge....go nowhere, do nothing and veg.  Well, that was how I felt when I returned to Nairobi from Nukuru. 

It was my intention to 'recharge' for a night or two before leaving for a more southern African destination.  But flights were difficult to check, as many airlines that operated in the region did not allow one to book tickets over the internet.  And my accommodation back at Wildebeest Camp was oh-so-lovely that I found myself thinking I'll spend just one more night here way too often.  So one or two nights quickly turned into a week...just like that!

It was good, though.  Travellers came and went, with a few faces becoming familiar throughout the week.  The owners of the resort were wonderful, and we stayed up late talking of rental properties and travels.  I hoofed the 6km round trip journey to the city nearly every day to explore.  I ran, lounged, wrote, planned and socialized. 

But there were certainly more interesting events that occurred during this time of personal nothingness.  I met up with the Swedish couple for an afternoon touring the Nairobi Museum, followed by fantastic conversation over a delicious Italian dinner!  Oh how I long to have a weekend in my kitchen!  There was the night that George, my former safari guide, had invited me out to some of the local clubs that he enjoyed.  I showed up, the token white guy amongst 400 locals, had a few drinks, listened to some passionate East African music and even strutted my stuff on the dance floor a bit.  There was the night I was shown the town by Lucy, an interesting local gal whose kindness and conversation were second to none.  But the icing on the cake had to be running into Maria, my friend and former CS host from Dubai!  She was here on her own holiday, and we managed to get together for an afternoon, spending time with her roommate's (Khadija's) sisters and friends, exploring the giraffe center and (trying to attend) the animal rehabilitation center.

It was a relaxing seven nights.  And although I would have preferred to spend it on a beach, the results of my extra week in Nairobi were a perfectly acceptable addition to my journey.