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Lake Nukuru Safari

Written on: Tuesday March 10th, 2009

Despite the fact that everybody in the safari group was independently told that we would be going on an evening game drive upon arriving at Lake Nukuru, it did not happen.  Apparently that was just another of the several lies told to seduce us into booking with Big Time Safaris.  Instead, we checked into a hotel in town and had a few hours to explore before dinner.  Hinz, Isa and I walked around the city, taking particular notice of the over-abundance of 'butcheries' this town posessed. 

We met back with the group at feeding time, only to be offered another stale sampling of East African cuisine. No worries, the place had a bar and I had two German friends...for what better recipe for a successful evening could one ask?   So we shared beers, smiles and tales of adventure around the world as night gave way to morning.   Alas, it was a welcomed treat to lie between clean sheets in a private room, rather than be saddled up with a roommate.

Morning arrived quickly and we all headed to the park after a hearty breakfast.  Lake Nukuru was a significantly smaller game park than the Mara, and it offered different perspectives on game viewing.  Of particular interest was its population of both black and white rhinos.  Of all the safaris I had been on in the past, I had only seen one rhino.  Ever.  So it was with giddy excitement that I spied two black rhinos almost immediately upon entering the property.  Mama and baby strutted past the vehicle and into the bush, satisfying my personal desire, as well as the groups last requirement for seeing the 'Big Five' while on safari.  We continued through the park, spotting hyenas, impala, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, elephants, four more rhinos and an enormous population of ever-curious baboons.  Oh, the babies were cute!

As one could tell by the name of this game park, there was a large body of water inside its borders.  And the lake attracted a large population of bird life; specifically, flamingos, pelicans and storks.  They flocked by the hundreds and fantastic photo opportunitites abounded as they streaked across the sky, skidding atop the water for a few seconds before plunging their large bodies into the drink.  We were able to get out of the vehicle and walk around for a while, admiring the scenery and diversity of bird life.  A quick drive to the rim of the crater allowed us to take in a plan view of the lake.  It was brilliant, as we could see the animals grouping together in different sections of the park, hundreds of feet below us.

Before departing the grounds, we drove to a resort that supposedly housed a cache within its borders.  By now the entire group was aware of the fact that Isa, Hinz and I were on a quest to find a hidden 'treasure', and they were more patient about our searching.  We entered the park grounds and asked around, but nobody who worked at the resort knew of the cache's existance.  So we poked around for ten minutes before finally locating our prize.  Yippee!  We finally got one!  It was my first cache in Kenya and my German friends' first cache ever - not a bad place to begin this new activity.



From Hinz on Apr 10th, 2009

Hi! Nice to read your report. It´s funny to see the picture. I´m working now, so the trip is far away. Very sad. But me and my sons are geochers. We found 63 caches until now. I really hope to see you in Hamburg again. Have a fantastic trip. Hinz

From isa on Jun 5th, 2009

At Lake Nakuru our geocaching efforts were finally rewarded, quel excitement! Sharing the safari with you was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. ;-)