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Back to Bangkok

Written on: Tuesday January 20th, 2009

Taking the overnight bus back to Thailand's capital, I found myself with a lot to accomplish and little time in which to do it before my flight left for India.  I got into town at 5:00am, and headed straight for my former hotel; first up: get my ipod!  Of course when I arrived the guy working at the hotel couldn't find the Fedex package, making my pulse jump with nervousness.  Eventually I persuaded him to let me in the office and look around, and viola!  There it was!!  I was so happy to have my music again, and can't thank Steve enough for all the work he did pulling my computer hard drive and loading the ipod with my tunes.  Not only that, he also purchased other songs that I wanted but didn't have...what a guy!  And thanks to Liz for buying the ipod and coordinating the materials with Steve.  So I dropped off my bags and decided to do a celebration walk around the still darkened city, listening to songs that I had been yearning to hear for months!  I was happy.

Since many businesses were not open yet, I wandered until I found an all night internet cafe, where I caught up on my lagging electronic requirements.  My credit card bill was due today, and there was a questionable charge on it.  Fortunately, after an hour of research and talking with the credit card folks, the situation was resolved and all was good.  Item number two was now checked off the list!

Next up was to retrieve my passport and verify that the Indian visa was complete.  I did and it was.  And while I was there I booked transportation to the airport.  There go items three and four.

The fifth item was to research India.  No small task, and certainly not doable in the short time I had left before departing Thailand.  Fortunately, I found a used Lonely Planet guidebook.  After haggling with a very stubborn bookshop proprietor(it is extremely rare that I lose a financial negotiation while traveling), I bought the book for more than I wanted to.  Oh well, this freed up more time as I could research en route; and, it fulfilled the final item on the list.

Perfect: fifteen minutes left to grab lunch and catch the bus...couldn't have planned it more efficiently!  So I went to the airport, checked my bags, and sat on a bench, thankful to have an hour before my flight: I used it to listen to a Martin Zellar album that I hadn't heard in ten years!