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I Hate Being a Victim

Written on: Thursday November 20th, 2008

After making it back to Manila, I booked a flight out for the next day.  So I had one last night to hang out and explore the city.  Roselyn joined me in the quest for a couple caches, and we managed to locate two, one of which was inside a cool museum in the neighborhood. 

Since my camera was broken, I thought it would be a good time to send a package back home of things that I no longer need...camera, underwater case, etc.  So I loaded up my backpack and headed to the post office.  Reducing my load by four kilograms, I felt happy and productive on the walk back to the restaurant.  However, upon arrival, I took off my pack and noticed that the zippers were open on both of the two back compartments.  Oh shit...somebody picked my pockets...while the bag was on my back and while I was walking.  Very gutsy move, as I am a foot taller than the vast majority of the population here, and those who know me might also know how I would respond to catching somebody trying to steal from me.  I was furious, but mostly with myself.  They got my ipod, which was the worst thing of all, as my music was my santuary on many bus, train and airplane rides.  Also stolen was my wallet, which contained two credit cards, an ATM card and about 80USD.  This was purely a result of my own stupidity; I never carry my wallet with me, as these cards are my backup cards.  They are always kept in the room, inside a hidden compartment.  However, when I had to buy the new camera, the store wouldn't accept my primary card, and I had to get my wallet and pay with the backup card.  I got lazy and never put it back where it belonged...and it bit me in the arse.  The only other item taken was my recently purchased headlamp. 

After retracing my steps and looking through alleyways and dumpsters, I accepted that I was robbed, and that was nothing more I could do about it.  So I shook it off and tried to have a fun last night in Philippines.  I succeeded in that endeavor, and went to the airport the next morning with a positive attitude for my upcoming destination: Hong Kong.



From Maria on Dec 5th, 2008

Glad you where able to shake it off. Your pictures are gorgeous and I love reading about your travels. Be Well, Maria

From Ella on Dec 21st, 2008

what a bummer, it ruins the entire impression of the trip. can not believe it happened to a such experienced traveller like you are. Can`t imagine what I would have left if I would get robbed. Im usually the one who gets robbed all the time... I hope there is less thievery in other destinations...