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Hurricane Dean changes our fate

Written on: Monday August 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: Honduras, AUG07

Well, today didn't start off as planned.  We hoped to travel to Utila, a smaller more laid back island west of Roatan.  But when we got to the ferry terminal, we learned that hurricane Dean was approaching quickly and was expected to hit tonight!  Our options included staying on the mainland to explore new areas or going back to Roatan on the morning ship, which was to be the last ship hitting the waters until Dean has passed.  We chose Roatan with the hope of later transferring to Utila and possibly Hogg Island.

The journey back was uneventful as we experienced the "calm before the storm".  We decided this time to go back to the Casa del Sol for the first three days before moving to the Seagrape hotel for the remainder of the trip.  The cost was very comparable and we had a nice lil', albeit pink, beach shack just across from the pool.  The storm hit that night, about 2:00am.  I think that we were fortunate not to get hit dead on; we only experienced 70 mph winds and sideways rain.  Although it looked really cool from our protected room, I respected the potential power of the storm and was thankful to only see this much.

After the storm we quickly fell into our all too familiar routine of diving in the mornings and chillin' in the afternoons.  We took more and more scooter rides around the island, as we now rented it for the remainder of our time.  I must admit this was invaluable.  We cruised everywhere and were able to see much more as a result.

Diving continued to impress.  We went on wall dives and small cave dives.  We had a couple dives with several nice sized groupers who got a little too close to some of us divers...and the five foot barracuda that patrolled the reef.  Unexpectedly, we saw no sharks, much to my dismay, as I wanted Liz to experience her first shark sighting.  Nonetheless, her diving improved dramatically, as she was finally able to get continual practice over the course of a couple weeks, instead of just diving for a single day every six months.

The housing transfer to Seagrape provided fun as well!  There were a couple beach cats that frequented the establishment.  Being a cat fan myself (and Liz being a TOTAL animal freak), I talked to one of the local fishermen one day after lunch (at Dixies, of course) and convinced him to donate a snapper to the cause of the hungry cat.  Upon reaching home I even went through the trouble of filleting the fish and sectioning it into cat-sized sushi morsels.  Well, that didn't last long and soon they were crying and clawing for more!  I had to lock myself in the room while they waited outside with Liz.  I cut up the rest of the fish and was amazed at how viciously they snatched it out of my hand!  Fortunately they didn't miss and claw my hand.

Evenings at Seagrape found us at their lively bar, especially when it was open mic night!  All levels of talent stepped up to sing, play or just tell jokes, for free drinks of course!  It was a hoot and a good way to wind down at the end of an exhausting day doing pretty much nothing.

Roatan was fun, and our Honduras trip in general was wonderful.  I look forward to returning before long.