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Sleeping and snorkeling

Written on: Sunday February 24th, 2008

A journal entry from: Puerto Rico, FEB08

After an understandably late morning, we awoke to another perfect day, watching the sailboats bob on the water while sipping our coffee at Trade Winds.  What to do today...time for some water activity!  We packed a bag and hitched our way to Blue Beach (officially Bahia de la Chiva).  This is a large, stunning bay with beautiful white sands and very few people.  It is difficult to get to without a vehicle (and even with a vehicle thanks to the poor road conditions), so we were happy when the driver agreed to take us the entire way.

We stashed the bag in a palm tree and hit the water with mask on face.  Hmmm...not much to see here.  It is a flat, sandy bay with very little terrain.  But we swam out to a little island and were rewarded with a couple green sea turtle sightings.  Saw some locals trying to spear fish for dinner, but there wasn't much in this bay.

Back to the bach we swam, and hiked back toward town, stopping at different beaches and tide pools along the way.  Eventually we calculated that we'd never make it back before sunset, so we hit the road and flagge down another driver.  This time it was an ex-pat couple who, after discussing some common interests and locations, agreed to take us all the way to town.  Getting pretty lucky so far!

Dinner involved some street ceviche and medallas before hitting a restaurant for a proper fish and shrimp combo.  The town sure changed since yesterday: everything was dead by 10pm, so we headed home to chill and get a jump on the morning.