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Travel Journal: Fall for Germany


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Aug 16th 2007 stateside beginning
Aug 25th 2007 Only a few more days
Sep 4th 2007
Sep 6th 2007 ich habe hunger
Sep 8th 2007
playing with more germs
Sep 10th 2007
Sep 14th 2007
Roll Over Beethoven
Sep 18th 2007
See Mom, I DO update more than once a week.
Sep 20th 2007 ...but it's ok, really.
Sep 21st 2007 8 days- now with cookies!
Sep 24th 2007
Sep 25th 2007 the lives of those before us
Sep 26th 2007
Doms- move on Bach
Sep 27th 2007
Firebombing Oper
Sep 28th 2007
Wittenberg is for Lovers- I mean Luther
Sep 29th 2007
Meat for breakfast? Warum?
Sep 30th 2007
800 year old roses
Oct 2nd 2007 Got to admit it's getting better, getting better all the time
Oct 5th 2007
I wanted to see someone in a viking hat
Oct 10th 2007
Weinerschnitzel comes from Vienna
Oct 12th 2007
The Nibelungs!
Oct 13th 2007
The Rhine and Wine
Oct 14th 2007
Oct 23rd 2007
C.C., my dogs are tired!
Oct 31st 2007
I admit it, i really love food.
Nov 1st 2007
ich bin ein Berliner!
Nov 5th 2007
ich bin ein Brusseler!
Nov 11th 2007
toe pick!
Nov 15th 2007 Modern Garbage
Nov 22nd 2007
Shoot the Turkey!
Dec 10th 2007 When in Rome...

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