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Shoot the Turkey!

Written on: Thursday November 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

title inspiration? 5th grade, Jess, King's Chorus and a song called "Thanksgiving Canon."

This week was finals prep. I had my last regular class yesterday and all of my finals are next week. Today is thanksgiving and we just had a potluck dinner at the AIB at 5pm (with LMU, not our host parents like it was two years ago). I sat with Frau Chew, her husband, Dr. Edwards, Kelli and Jamy Lyn, and apparently, this is the first year that we haven't had any sort of alcohol at the Thanksgiving party. I had been a bit sad to notice that the wine/champagne bottles said alkoholfrei and what i thought might be gluhwein was actually cider... though a verrry good cider. Apparently the LMU students aren't mature enough to handle alcohol.... therefore everyone suffers. Gluhwein is ridiculously good; it's made basically the same way as cider, only with red wine instead of apple juice.

On Monday I had a LOT of German Sprache. About 4 hours. People were going to be missing classes later in the week because they had made travel plans before it was clear what was going on around Thanksgiving, so we had to reschedule some stuff. After class, we had arranged to go to the theatre and see a German movie. It was called Lissi and the Wilde König (Lissi and the Wild King). It parodies the German historical figure of Sissi as well as fairy tales (like a combination of Shrek, Ice Age, etc. and infusing pop culture into the jokes). Cartoons are wonderful to watch when learning a language. The visual tends to be emphasized more than the spoken, so even if you don't understand a WORD of it, you can get the jist. When you understand at least 50%, it gets pretty funny. We all enjoyed the movie.

Oh, I think it was the weekend before this that I saw Ratatoille with my host mom, Anna, and Anna's friend. I saw in English with my mom before I left, so I knew the story and the jokes and I got to concentrate more on how they presented it in German. It was wonderful! I absolutely loved seeing it with them. (And them paying for it. German theatre is rather expensive. Heck, American theatres are getting pretty expensive too).

On Tuesday, my Literatur class watched the Three Penny Opera. This is the movie that made "Mack the Knife" into a hit song. We watched it in German (with German subtitles!) so we all understood it quite well, and I finally understand the point of the song! The translated version doesn't really represent it well, in fact, it's not the real translation but a 1954 version. The real song talks about McHeath (nicknamed Mackie Messer, a sinister anti-hero) and the things he has been rumored to do, but nothing can be pinned on him: Schmul Meier is missing, Jenny was found with a knife in her chest, a "minoraged" widow was violated, seven kids and an old man were killed in an arson fire, a dead man was found on the famous "Strand Street," etc. In the 1954 version, his supposed crimes are not all sun about and the names changed. There is also a list of names (Lucy Brown, Jenny Diver, Sukey Tawdry, and Lotte Lenya) sung about that supposed to be characters in the play... again, they took liberties with the names. Ironically, we don't actually see him do anything that sinister in the movie. At most, he has his goonies "appropriate" some items and he is alluded to be as being a major playah (has a regular day at the whore house, a regular girl, and picks up girls off the street corner... not to mention his wooing and marrying of Polly Peachum took about 2 hours: met around midnight, married at 2.)

I want the buy the movie; it was so good. It's an old one, made in 1931, and adapted from a play by Brecht. Ironically, Brecht hated the movie (which he never saw) because he felt it didn't fulfill his vision of the play- however, he didn't value intellectual property and had actually stolen the plot and most of the songs from other people! The play was immensely popular, but the movie not so much.


So here's what I have planned for next week:

On Monday I have a paper due and 4 hours of deutsche sprache. Tuesday I have 1 paper due and I guessI have a test. I'm actually notsure what we're doing for our final in Literatur. On Wednesday, I have 3 papers due and a test on ModernArt. After that I get to pick upmy Mommy from the airport. She is going to be coming with me on my free travel! I leave on Friday, November 30 for Prague. yay!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!


p.s. so i know i told a few people that I was going to picture-update the past few blogs that didn't have pictures for after dinner... but I forgot about the fact that the AIB doesn't stay open at my whim and I got kicked out before I could. And the wireless that I usually steal at my host family's house STILL isn't working. Maybe Monday. Or this weekend if the internet comes back up.