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Modern Garbage

Written on: Thursday November 15th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

This was the week I was sick on Monday.  It was starting to get pretty cold(it's actually warmed up a bit now). We went on one of our last excursions on Thursday.  One of the AIB staff in Duesseldorf hadmajored in art, was an artist, and had artist friends (funny how thatworks).  One of her friends wasshowing in a museum, so we were going to see, her studio, and another friend'sstudio.  Her studio was nice, buther specialty was large installations. Installations aren't my favorite. I'll spare you my full opinion. Then we went to the museum? and it happened to be one that we went tolast week.  So we lookedaround.  Again.  And saw the same stuff that we didbefore.  oooo? i was not happyabout this,  not happy at all.  It seemed like a waste of my time.  The special exhibit we were supposed tosee turned out to be one that we had already seen anyways (and i wasn'timpressed with it the first time!) We finally went to the friend's studio.  She was a part of a group that organized and put on artshows, so she showed us a bit about that. Then she showed us her work, which was also installations and/orvideo.  We saw 3 videos of herwork.  Let me tell you what happened.


1. She had a garbage bag filled with air.  She started squeezing it, using herbody as leverage until it popped. Then she picked up another bag. She started squeezing it, using her bodyas leverage until it popped.  Rinseand repeat. 


2. She had one garbage bag filled with air.  She started hitting it up in the air,not letting it touch the ground, as one does when they are younger and happento have a balloon.  Then anotherbag was tossed in and she kept both off the ground.  Then another.  Andanother.  And another, until shewas desperately trying it keep them all afloat, but couldn't.


3. She had a garbage bag filled with air (see atheme?).  The bag was centered inthe frame and her body was off camera. She slowly started it bouncing it off her hand, sort of like it was ayo-yo.  Very slowly, the bouncinggot faster and faster until she was out of control.  Then it stopped and went back to gentle bouncing.  (Nope, no sexual innuendo there)


Have you seen American Beauty?  She had the same plastic bag preoccupation as the girl'sboyfriend.  So? that was my day ofvery modern art. 


From Scott on Nov 23rd, 2007

I love you so much. You're hilarious.