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Written on: Sunday November 11th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

question about today's journal title?  watch the cutting edge.

On Wednesday night (we got back Tuesday), we went to ahockey game of the US vs. Germany that we all signed up for at the beginning ofthe year and then forgotten about. LMU kids outnumber us 2:1. LMU kids drink more than us or they have the same ratio of people whopregame for things like group outings so it seems like they do.  On the train ride to Koeln, for thefirst time I was truly embarrassed to be associated with being an American- atleast that kind.  A lot of the LMUstudents (only 2 or so from Furman) brought quite a bit of alcohol onto thetrain (totally legal) and proceeded to get obnoxious.  A few Canadians we had met before were also going to thegame and they were pretty drunk by this time as well.  11 of the 13 Furman kids decided about now was the time tostart speaking only German, apologize to the Germans sitting near us, andpretend we didn't know the other kids. We particularly started doing this when all of them yelled out "F?Germany!"  He's on a Germantrain.  Not really nice to do that.

 At the game, they're over exuberance was less annoyingbecause it more appropriate in that setting.  They also got less obnoxious because by the end of the 1stquarter they had wandered off and decided the "cool" place to sit wasin another part of the nosebleed seats or going down to the floor level andgetting progressively closer to the front row.  To the right and a few rows behind was a German with a largeGerman flag.  I don't rememberexactly what started it, but before the obnoxious group left, the drunks pissedoff the German and the next time Germany scored, he came over and waved his giganticflag right in front of the section we were seated in just to annoy us.  Our view being blocked, people yelledat him to move- and the more alcohol in their body, the more forcefully theyyelled and not exactly in the nicely terms.  So the next time Germany scored (they totally beat the US bythe way), the German came over again this time just to piss people off.  When people yelled, he turned aroundand told us to go back to America. He got a bit wild with his waving and the flag hit a few people in oursection, which didn't set nicely with people.  A bit after the guy left, I found out that he and an LMU saweach other and it almost came to blows. The rest of the game was pretty uneventful. 


Oh, that was the week we went to 2 art museums in a row.  Not cool.


That Sunday was the Koeln Karneval.  We had an insert in our master scheduletelling us a bit about it- some of the special vocabulary they used, where itwas, a bit of it's history? what they failed to mention is that it is a giantkarneval of an excuse for everyone to start drinking at 9am in costumes savedfrom halloween and get wasted in a square that is way too small to hold thatmany people.  There's also a paradeand they toss candy off of it, but I never saw it.  I didn't stay too long actually.  I didn't really want to drink at 9 in the morning? really, ihave no desire to drink/get drunk until at least lunch.  I left after about 40 minutes becauseit was the largest group of drunk people i'd ever seen as well as the mosttightly crowded square i've ever seen. It took a good 10 minutes to get 1/4 - 1/3 of the way out of it.



From Scott on Nov 23rd, 2007

I LOVE that the first pictures I saw when I scrolled down to the bottom of your post were of the zamboni machines. I feel this sums up your general fascination with hockey.