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I admit it, i really love food.

Written on: Wednesday October 31st, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

yeah, i'm finally writing another blog.  and updating pictures.  and leaving tomorrow to go to Berlin.

SO!  what i've been up to.... it's been kinda slow since my last blog.  By way of excursions, only a day trip to Duesseldorf, which wasn't that exciting (it's pretty close and the name is prettier than the city).  I've gotten pretty lax on taking pictures and stuff.  I'm getting apathetic to all the sites.  Most of the Schlosses look about the same now- same paint colors, basic design, different location.  I'm also getting tired of my clothes.  I miss having a closet instead of 10 shirts and 2 pairs of jeans.

I do have a bit to say about food though.  WE HAD VEGGIES ONE NIGHT.  yup.  and just veggies.  It was wonderful.  I will always remember that night..... yum.  Also, I miss homecooked meals.  We usually have a one or two nights a week that are actually cooked fresh (as opposed to bread + meat or leftovers), and Tuesday is the day I can count on fresh food because the cleaning lady comes and cookies it.  It usually has carrots, rice, and meat in it...  And I don't really feel comfortable cooking anything in the kitchen.  About the most creative I get is oatmeal and tea. Actually, probably fresh applesauce.  I took all my stuff to make chai to the AIB so I can make it there when I have a long lunch and a desire from something wonderful.  I did get some wonderful chai last week.  It's rare that I see that on the menu (and mom, i've yet to see a mocha here. i'm sorry. maybe you should rethink coming to Europe).  Oh!  and I had steak and potatoes tonight.  pretty good... except my host mother panfries just about everything (including all leftovers) and the steak was well done, tough, and had no flavor.  I miss my dad's beautiful steaks.

It was my first weekend at home in what felt like a very long time.  I spent Saturday with my Gastmutter.  We went shopping at the Birkenstock outlet.  It's actually based in Bonn, so yay for outlets!  I finally fulfilled another life long desire and got a pair of German-certified, hippie endorsed Birkenstock sandels.  (i think one of the only other things left on my list of life-long desires is to own a VW)  They are wonderful and I love them.  Afterwards, my Gastmutter and I went for a snack at the Hans Arp museum (which i actually need to go back to so I can write a paper about it for my modernism class).  That's where I had the chai- delicious.  We had some good conversation as well.  I spoke what I could in German and it was great to have her help me out supplying vocabulary and correcting grammar.  We had some good conversations (more in Germ-lish) about the cold war (regarding the US and Germany culture) and the reaction to the wall being torn down.  

Actually, we did see two plays.  Friday night we saw Emilia Gialotti in Bad Godesburg.  We had read it and understood it pretty well.  I really liked it.  The costuming was creative, the staging was good, the directors vision was great- our class had a couple small disagreements of it (such as whether or not Emilia was deflowered by the Prinz) and discussed the difference of purpose between Lessing (author) and the director.

The next night (yes, two in a row!) we saw Der Kontrabass in Cologne.  I took my script along so I could better follow it (which is a great idea, i'll probably do it from now on.  yeah, on all 2 plays left that we have).  It was a monologue and done excellently.  He really developed the bass into another character.  Excellent.  A little less exciting than Emilia though.  After the play, most of us decided to go to a diskothek there, thinking we wouldn't be out that late.  A few of us had never been, so it was an adventure.  We went to one that Jamy Lyn's Gastschwester had suggested and hung out there for a couple of hours.  German's are perpetually stuck in the 80's.  I felt like I was in at an 80's dance (it doesn't help that today's fashion is a regurgatation of the 80's).  The train back to Bonn only runs every hour, so we wanted to catch the 1 or 2am one (i forgot which).  Well, Claire had fainted at the discothek (she wasn't going back with us though) and so we stayed around to see if she was alright, then we found out that while the enterance to the club was free, we had to pay $10 on the way out.  That gave us $10 of free drinks, but we had to pay the $10 whether or not we drank them.  Grr.  So we missed the train we were aiming for.  Then we met up with some LMU guys and since we had missed the train anyways, decided to go to another club with them.  They had been there for a couple of hours and couldn't get into any of the clubs because they were guys (hehe, made me laugh).  We went to one and stayed there for a few hours and it was pretty fun (i was getting pretty tired by this time).  It was daylight savings which was really confusing for things like the train/bus times. Long story short, we got back to Bonn pretty early (I think 5?) in the morning and then I took the wrong night bus (rarely take those) and got home about 40 minutes later than I should have.  Yeah... it ended up definitely being an adventure.  

ok, it's late and I leave for Berlin pretty early (have to be at the train station by 6), so i'm going to forgo on the photos... again.  they are on picasa though.


From Jess on Nov 5th, 2007

yay for birkenstocks...those are the most comfy shoes. and berlin!! you will love it--it's an awesome city. all your german travels sound so exciting; hope everything is going well

From Scott on Nov 11th, 2007

Hey Julie! I hope things are going well! Tell me about all your big adventures recently!