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Written on: Sunday October 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Well, the guided tour of Trier and a Konstantin Exhibition and then back home.

First, we went to the top of Trier so we could look down over the whole city and get a sense of where we were.  Beautiful view.  Trier existed 1,300 years before Rome... so it has a little bit of history.  The Romans left an indelible imprint on Trier.  We saw the remains of the arena (which is a lot bigger than the picture communicate) the Kaiserthermen ruins (which I believe was the palace type place.  i know there were baths there.)  We wandered around more of the town, saw the Marktplatz, and had about 25 minutes to look around.  a couple of us headed to the Porta Nigra, but decided it wasn't that impressive and we'd rather go back and see the Trier Dom.  It was pretty amazing.  Very ornate (so not my favorite), but very pretty. 

They have the foot of the gigantic Constantine the Great statue everywhere.  It was kinda funny... just a giant foot outside the museum, markt platz, etc.  The Konstantine Exhibition itself was ok.  The first part was really interested, then the artifacts and statues got a bit... repetative.  At the end they had models of the town over the years which was pretty cool.  It's hard to want to see everything that the museums and tours have to offer and not feel like it's all merging into the same thing.  Usually, these museums are truly interested and if i was seeing them over a period of a couple months I'd find them all facinating, but pack them into a couple of days and half of it goes over my head.  I think that's why I'm going to concentrate on a few cities during my free travel.  I'm a bit tired of heading to two towns every day and trying to see everything that they have to offer... but more on that in a minute.

Though Trier is the birthplace of Marx, apparently we didn't have time to go visit that.  I was a bit disappointed, but oh well.  We didn't see the Lenin thing on the last trip either. 

So, I have another long weekend this weekend and I think I'm going to stick closer to home.  I was talking with Herr Whisnant and I think I'm going to try to get up to a couple places he said were about 3 hours away (I've forgotten their names at the moment).  

And I booked all my flights for the free travel at the end of the trip!  When you book in advance, they are sooo much cheaper than two days before... 4 flights for under $250.  I still need to book hostels and such, but I can do that a bit later.

November 30 - December 2: Prague (with Sally, Mike and Jason). Prague seems really interesting and I'm hoping to figure out the Chech transportation system and get over to Jessup where a branch of my mom's family comes from.  It's a bit far though and I don't know how long it would take to get there.

December 3 - December 7: England I'm flying into London and hopefully headed a few other places (Cambridge?  Leeds?) and also hopefully seeing my roommate from last year, Sarah.  The others are going to Dublin for a few days there, so I'll be alone for about 3 days. 

December 8 - December 11: Rome and Florence!  Jason and Sally (and maybe Mike?) are going to Athens first, so I'll be alone for a few days, but that's ok.  I was going to go to Athens, but I couldn't get the website to accept my card for some reason.  Oh well.  I wanted to go to Italy more anyways.

December 12: fly from Bonn to Atlanta (spending the night in ATL, any offers of beds?)

December 13: Atlanta to home (yay!)

Any suggestions of things to see, places to go, or people i can stay with to cut down on hostels would be greatly appreciated!

p.s. i updated the pictures on the past couple of blogs that I haven't had time to (the Operhaus and Vienna) as well as posting this weekend excursion. 


From Jacqui on Oct 17th, 2007

Wow, your whole trip is on the exact same days as ours: September 2-December 12, with November 30-December 11 as the free travel dates. How strange! It's cool to say that you've been to the birthplace of Marx, but beyond that it's just like any other house-turned-museum. You really didn't miss much. You guys aren't going to Prague with AIB? Sad! It is pretty far away, but it's such a different place that most people found it worth it. I wasn't all that impressed. When you go to restaurants, everything seems so cheap until you realize that they charge you for stuff that is normally complementary, like bread. Still, there's cool stuff to see, like the bombed National Museum that the Soviets thought was a government building. I've never been to England, so I can't help you there. As for Rome and Florence, there are so many places to go that I can't list them all. Just get one of those little travel books and follow their suggestions. While you're in Florence, be sure to try some white bean soup. Consider staying at Hostel Archi Rossi; the walls are decorated with travelers' graffiti/artwork (look for mine!), the location is perfect, the price is reasonable, and both the internet and American-style breakfast are free. While in Rome, watch out for sleazy men and try not to get groped like I was!

From Scott on Oct 20th, 2007

check out http://www.hostels.com/ btw. I found it helpful. There are a couple good hostel sites online, if you haven't discovered them yet.