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The Nibelungs!

Written on: Friday October 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Bright and early we left for Mainz.  We should have known something was up when we had to push the bus to get it started... yes, it was a true Little Miss Sunshine moment.  The bus driver was a bit of a crazy driver.  I think at some point on the trip, everyone thought we might die.  But, luckily, there wasn't as much driving on this trip and we're all back and alive.  It was a much more chill weekend excursion this time.

First, the Gutenberg Museum.  Didn't get to see the original press or anything.  Saw a reproduction which was almost EXACTLY what we had seen at one of the museums on our long excursion.  Oh yeah, and more old Bibles.  It was cool to see them compared to handwritten Bibles and the parts that still had to hand illustrated.  

Then Worms: guided tour and the Nibelungen Museum!  The tour covered Worms Jewish history, so we went into an orthodox synagoge and saw a cemetary that has super, super, super old gravestones.  They don't put flowers on the graves, they put stones and pieces of paper.  It was kinda weird to see no flowers anywhere, but a huge pile of stones on the gravestone.  More stuff about Luther (where he lived during the Diet of Worms, where he stood when he would not recant, etc) and the Dom St. Peter.  The Nibelungen Museum was about this famous poem about a confusing story involving princes, kings, princesses, etc. and a mysterious treasure.  We didn't get to SEE treasure because that part of the tour was closed though.  So, most people felt it was kind of a bust.

see, it was a pretty light day!