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Weinerschnitzel comes from Vienna

Written on: Wednesday October 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

It took me a while to realize that.  Then again, I didn't hear it called Wein much until I got here...

After about 45 minutes of the most dilerious sleep that I've ever had in my life, I went to meet Mike at the Bonn hbf.  I'm pretty sure this is the first platonic overnight trip I've ever taken with a guy before.  I freaked out when my tram came a couple of minutes late because I thought I would miss the bus to the airport, but I got there about 3 minutes before the bus left. We made it to the airport no problems with plenty of time before Mike asked me on the plane when I woke up.  I told him sometime on the bus to the airport.  We went to the flohmarket (fleamarket) which is only open on saturday and had a fun time looking at all the cool old/funny stuff.  There seemed to be a lot of people in Vienna with furry pimp coats.  I got a pictures of one in a purple fur coat that's pretty hilarious.  Then we went to Schloss Schoenbrumm, which is gorgeous.  It was expensive to get in (even with a student discount!), so we just went to the garden which was free.  Honestly, we're not sure what we missed by not going inside.  The castle (that's what schloss means i found out) has a huge garden between it and something called the Gloriette.  I'm not quite sure what it's purpose was, but it was a wonderful walk up a giant hill to look back down on the gardens.  Imagine the wealth of someone to build these gigantic buildings and sculptured gardens just for the heck of it!  There is a detailed history on the site i gave, but the quick version is that it was built beginning in 1696 expanded into something really great in the mid 1740s.  I really wanted to go through the labrinyth, which was small but crazy confusing and i loved it. Then we went to Stephansdom, which was gorgeous and really crowded, and then I just needed a nap.  I was about to pass out on my feet.  By this time, we had wasted enough time that we could check into our hostel (we had dropped our stuff off there when we first got to Vienna) and I gratefully rested.  Quick nap and then we went to Karlskirche which had an amazing ceiling fresco.   For our last sightseeing excursion of the day, we went to the Wein Operhaus.  Not to see an oper because we had just seen one the night before and would have fallen into blissful sleep before the curtain opened, but to take pictures.  Then we attempted to find weinerschnitzel near ourhostel.  Apparently they don't sell much in the part of town we were in.  We settled for chickenschnitzel.  It looked like what we were looking for, but definitely was chicken.  

Next morning (Sunday), we found the Votivkirche (which we originally went to because hey, there's a cool spire) and then went to find the Freud museum.  Mike is a psychology major, his choice. It was incredibly disappointing because they only have 2 rooms restored.  Most of his stuff is in London where he lived for less than a year (as opposed to the 30some in Vienna) and his daughter wanted his London apartments left as they were when he died.  Weird.  Then we went back to the votivkirche where they offered candy, cds, and postcards in a vending machine (and also had advertising on the front of their church... hmmmm).  I really wanted to go to the kunsthistoriches museum, but we went by and it was crazy expensive.  One of Mike's hostel roommate had bought this 10euro ticket to see all the museums until 1am the night before (which is a really good deal that we were too tired to take advantage of) and he had said that while it was the prettiest building it didn't have the best art.  So after seeing the prices, we decided to move on with the day.  We went to the Hofberg area which has the imperial palace and, um, stuff.  I dont' actually relaly remember what all was around there, but it was a big complex and very important.  I'm pretty sure the Weimar republic was based out of there.  I took more pictures of the Augustinerkirche which was nearby.  As if we haven't seen enough roman ruins, there were some conviently outside of the church.  Another church, this time Michaelskirche.  

Then lunch: a viennese cafe.  And we took pictures of ourselves like the tourists we were.  

Since we still had half the day, we decided to wander around and make our way to the Rathaus through some gardens and other pretty buildings, like the parliament.  After that, it was only about 4:30, so I decided I really wanted to go to the Kunsthistorisches Museum because I had been told it was "as good of a collection as the Louve only more manageable" and so we split up.  I'm so glad I went back.  It was AMAZING!  Defnitely the hightlight of the Vienna trip.  I took out my small moleskin to take notes of the famous or cool paintings I saw... and had 4 pages full.  And part of the paintings floor was closed!  I only had time to go through the paintings and afterwards I realized that they had the Woman from Willendorf (a old old stone sculpture one of the first things we learned about in art history freshman year)!  Disappointing, but that's ok.  I saw a bunch of Carvaggios, Rubens, van der Weydens, van Rijns, Raphaels.... yeah.  satisfying.  I had asked Jamie about what to do in Vienna and he said that Figlmuellers had the best weinerschnitzel in the world, so Mike and I attempted to find that.  It took a while (asking for directions for people, whether in German or English is always 50/50), but it was well worth it.  Expensive, but the best, and biggest, weinerschnitzel we've ever had in our lives.  Wonderful.

Then beautiful sleep.

I saw on our tourist map that the Wittgenstein Haus was in Vienna, so I made a trip out there first thing in the morning to get a picture of it.  It was closed, so no tour, but I thought it was hilarious to be there since I heard soooo much about Wittgenstein last year.  

We also saw on the map that there was a huuuge park in the middle of the Donaukanal.  So we went there.  Kinda disappointing because it was just really narrow, straight, and crazy long, but some nice views.  Then the Reisenrad (gigantic ferris wheel that's been around since the 1800s) and quick trip to the Stadtpark before catching our plane.

Which was an ordeal in itself.

When we got to the station to get the train to the airport, we found out they didn't run as often as we thought and the next train, which left in 45 minutes, would only get us there about 5 minutes before we needed to check in.  Frustrating, but what could we do?  We RAN once we got to the airport and made it to the check in line where the employee was having a leisurely chat with the man in front of us.  We were frustrated, but we got through security quickly and made it to the plane in time to board, etc.  

And then back to Bonn.  Quick trip, but even just going to the Kunsthistorisches Museum (and the weinerschnitzel!) was worth it.  


From Scott on Oct 14th, 2007

What hostel did you stay at?!?!?! I stayed in Vienna too! That's where I bought my awesome "Look" hat and my warm gloves. AND where I LOVED the trolley cars, and had coffee in a cafe. And saw this pretty sweet catacombs below a church. I totally forget to tell you these things before you went. It sounds like you had fun!