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Meat for breakfast? Warum?

Written on: Saturday September 29th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Unfortunately, Tally drank too much the night before and threw up on the bus the next day (or it was the meat at breakfast.  it was kinda iffy).  Sometimes I feel like I over pack, but sometimes I think God helps to pack things people will need.  I had Kleenexes for Tally and hand sanitizer because the rest stop we stopped at didn't have soap in the bathroom.  I had brought matzo with me, but ended up buying bread and peanut butter so I hadn't really eaten it and had most of it left.  I knew she would need something to munch on a bit later, so I gave the rest of it to her which made her feel better.  Also, people had brought knitting or bought yarn while on the trip, so they all needed scissors.  Knowing that I love to knit/crochet and I always seem to need scissors (plus it's nice to have pliers, screwdrivers, and a knife when traveling), I had bought at Leathermans multi tool thing before I left and I specifically wanted scissors.  Everyone used it.  It was a choice between the scissors or a corkscrew (it would have been a lot more to get one with both) and I think the scissors were a good choice.  It's Europe.  There's always a corkscrew around.  Unfortunately no one on our trip had one so we ended up always going to the bar and having them open it for us.   

We went to Gosler where there was a historical mine from the Middle Ages called Rammelsberg.  It was really dark (duh) so I didn't get many pictures, but everyone has seen a mine.  It was kind of a run of the mill mineral mine.  Everyone was looking forward to the mine tour.  It was different than anything else we had done on the trip.  Whisnant didn't realize this until I told him because people always complained about the tours.  I think I've already explained our problem with tours.  Also, it was nice to see a dark place without Jesus staring down at me.  I like the church tours, but I end up forgetting so much of the interesting things because they all start to run together.  A lot of them I can't take pictures in, so it's lost to memory. 

It was raining a lot that day, so we shortened our tour of Kaiserpfalz and went to some place that had some highly decorated room that was used as a council room (yeah, no pictures.  and i have no idea what the name was).  Then we had some free time to explore.  It was the prettiest city we had been to so far.  Unfortunately it was raining, so I didn't get many pictures. 

Then we went to Braunschweig and saw a concert in the Sir Eliot Gardiner church.  It wasn't my favorite concert.  I can't remember what we listened to (no programs), and the building seemed neat but all of us were getting really tired of always being on the go.  We usually slept every time we were in the bus and were still tired.