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Wittenberg is for Lovers- I mean Luther

Written on: Friday September 28th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Yup, more Luther. Guided tour of the Lutherhaus.  I noticed that a lot of the old things we're supposed to see are actually copies.  Like the original door Luther nailed the ninety five theses on.  It was destroyed in a fire or something a long time ago so they up a new door with the theses written on it.  Then again, they had an original Luther bible and other texts which were cool.  We went to visit the basement and I was kinda lagging behind when I heard a few of the girls scream bloody murder.  We were in a stone, enclosed area so it was a lot louder than it should have been.  Apparently, they had seen a mouse.  And not even a big mouse, it was less than 2 inches and this was it's home, not ours.  (Later I heard it had crawled up Meggie's leg and she's terrified of mice.)  Tally and I kept our eyes open for it so we could try to get a picture.  After everyone started leaving to meet back up with the tour guide, I hung back and the mouse came right up to my shoes.  I got a picture, but it's kinda blurry because the flash took to long for it to keep still.  Schade. 

We also took a tour of the Melanchtonhaus.  I never really understood exactly who he was.  They did have a really cool old school printing press though and I bought a postcard with one of the designs on it.  I think he printed some of Luther's texts. 

I've noticed that if we stay near Reiner or Whisnant, they will often buy us lunch or coffee even if it's not planned.  Quite nice.  I saved a lot of money by eating many doeners, bratwuests, and free meals from the adults. 

After that we took a tour of the Cranach Haus.  Most of these places I don't have pictures of, so it's hard to remember them.  I do know that he painted Luther, Katerina von Bora, and other people of the time quite often.  There were a lot of paintings by him in the Lutherhaus.  

Then dinner at the hotel and fun times with the kids.  The longer the trip has lasted, the more people have drank.  Not just the students, but the adults as well.  Usually we divide up into our social strata until Sallie and I decide to go to bed (Jason goes to the bar for another beer).  Wine is soooo cheap here.  I haven't paid more than $3 for a bottle yet.  Usually the Brittany/Meggie/Jamy/Claire group and I think Erik and Bryan bought beer, but on this night everyone bought a bottle of wine.  Sallie and I weren't sure what kind of wine we liked, so for the past few nights we had bought a different type (dry, half dry, and sweet) and split the bottle.  This was our night to dry.  We hated it.   We ended up trading with Jason (who pregamed the wine with half a bottle of vodka.  After the wine, he went down to the bar and had a beer.  Don?t worry, he consequently felt horrible the next day.) who had bought half dry.  Then we all ended up in one room (except for Emily and Kelli who usually just have a beer or half a beer at dinner) and sat around talking.  Jason gets hilarious when he's drunk.  He started talking about the problem of boxers riding up and jeans getting too low and ended up saying there was a "crisis in his pants" and "it's like a blitzkrieg- no, battle of the bulge."  We made fun of that for the next few days.