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Got to admit it's getting better, getting better all the time

Written on: Tuesday October 2nd, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Monday- a day of relaxation.  We had a day off, probably because none of us wanted to really see each other for a day and needed to catch up on sleep.  I got my laundry started and went to town to get a haircut.  I kind of hate my haircut actually.  It's way too short, particularly the bangs.  So if you happen to see a picture of it and hate it, know that I share your sentiments.  While I love having short hair in Europe, I'm gonna start growing it out again to at least chin length when I get home.  

The literature class went to see a play by Fassbinder that night.  It was really good.  For once we saw a play that we had actually mostly read so we could follow it. The setting, a toilette, was a great idea for the play which basically publicly showed things people would like to keep private.  I don't really feel like analyzing it now, but I was happy with it.  If you really want to know about it, google it.  We had a question and answer time afterwards, which Whisnant had not known and so had not prepared us with questions we might want to ask.  I understood most of the questions, but was lost on most of the answers.  Today we discussed the play and the question and answer time, so I understood it a lot better.

Tomorrow is Germany Reunification Day, a national holiday.  Mike and Sallie are coming over to plan the long weekend (we're a bit late in doing that... it's this weekend).  I suggested my house because I knew that the Kaatz' would be cool with it.  Anna and Jan always have friends coming over and a lot of them spend the night.  They're on Fall break right now, so Jan has been having a friend over or going to friends about every day.  I miss elementary school sometimes.  

I back-posted today so it's all up to date now.  I broke up the post I made on the trip so you can see where all I traveled (couldn't do them all because we did 2 places in one day sometimes.  I also added pictures here, facebook, and picasa.  So enjoy.  :-)