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Doms- move on Bach

Written on: Wednesday September 26th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

We always seem to wake up bright and early.  And today was the beginning of the wet part of the trip.  It began with sprinkles and clouds (kinds sounds like candyland..) and got progressively wetter as the week went on.

In Erfort, we went to the Naumburger Dom.  It was pretty, we had a tour, and I have pictures.  That's all I really remember of it.


Then we went to Leipzig.  Another tour that was too long and we got tired of before it was over.  It's so hard to concentrate for long periods of time in a language you don't fully have a grasp on when there are so many other interesting things going on around you (people watching, pretty architecture, taking pictures of others looking bored).  Since a lot of the towns we went to were bombed during the war, I tried to take contrast pictures of what used to be there and what is there now: a juxtaposition of the old and the new.  Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. 

Johann Sebastian Bach was buried in Leipzig, so we went into the place (I think it was a church) that had his grave in it.  We got to tour this other church that I of course totally forgot the name of because we toured a lot of churches and they aren't on my schedule (which I am heavily referring to in order to remember where I was on what day and generally what I did).  Some of my timestamps on the pictures are way off, so I could definitely be wrong on some of the stuff.  But I guess the exact day it took place doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.  This blog is about my experiences, and is not always accurate about the place/time/name of things.  Anyways, I got a few pictures of outside the church, but as I said pictures weren't allowed inside and I didn't have time to buy a postcard from the place.  After the tour, we got a special tour of the roof.  It was pretty amazing, I could reach out and touch the roofing if I wanted.  Technically I don't think we were supposed to take pictures up there either, but most of us got a covert pictures directed towards the outside of the church.  My favorite one is of this carving of a man looking over the edge of the roof, except his face has fallen off.  My pictures may not be up yet, but I'm planning on putting up one of the church from the ground and one from the top where we were (we were on the highest red roof and bottom of the spires but we couldn't go up higher).  We had a bit of free time before dinner, so Sallie, Mike and I wandered over to the University and took pictures of us jumping off one of the concrete things outside.

By this point in the trip, a group of us were quite annoyed at some of the rest of the group for always complaining about the tours that we're going on.  I mean, commiserate among friends or get out your frustrations on a blog to home, but constantly complaining to the people who planned this trip to their faces is not cool.


From Mom on Oct 3rd, 2007

I do like the B&W pics! I'm curious about the roof top pictures. Did you post them elsewhere? Is there a story behind being able to be on the roof? How did you managed to get up there?

From Julie on Oct 3rd, 2007

oops, forgot those. Now added.