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Written on: Monday September 24th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

First up: a Roman castle.  The Romans conqured up to the Rhine way back when and this is the one of the largest this far east.  It was kinda cool.  Kinda empty.  Most ruins tend to be like that.  No pictures inside the place.

 We went to Wartberg where Luther translated the Bible.  AMAZING view from there.  Delightful old castle, wonderful view of the valley- there are worse places to be to be hiding out and translating.  Then we drove to Erfurt and went on a five hour walking tour of it.  Yes, five hours.  Interesting things?  Lots of churches, Luther studied here (we walked some streets that are virtually unchanged since he was here), it is historically important and other old stuff.  Our tour guide was hilarious.  He was dressed up in a habit like Luther and was a very animated speaker.  He reminded me a guy I used to work with at CompUSA named Ted.  We visited one church that is crazy old (we sat in the very seats that had been around since Luther had been there) with a huge organ and were treated to a mini concert by the organist.  That reminds me, I got an encouraging e-mail from Jacqui last week and it reminded me to really pray this trip, so I spent the concert I went to two days ago doing that and for quite of bit of yesterdays as well.  I've been doing a lot of that lately, particularly when I'm walking around on tours. It's been nice. 

During the five hour tour we ended up taking a break to eat ice cream and oh my gosh i have never seen portions of ice cream that big.  We took pictures it was unbelievable.  Mine wasn't so good because I tried egg liquore in it, but that's ok.  It was an experience.  An hour later we had dinner... ugh.  We were still all full on ice cream.  People left at different times and so when the group I was with left, we didn't exactly know where the hotel was.  We had walked all over Erfurt, so everything looked vaguely familiar.  We found our way back, but it was kind of funny. I think we took the long way back.  We ended up gathering in one of the rooms and sitting around drinking whatever we had found at the supermarket and talking/playing games. Sally and I split of bottle of sweet wine that was pretty good, but ended up not finishing it. 

p.s. the inspiration for this title is because they sell Lutherbier in the area.  i think it's a bit funny.  

p.p.s. this is supposed to be on the 25th, but i can't get it go above the next post that I talk about Buchenwald in.  I don't know why.


From Mom on Sep 26th, 2007

egg liquore? hmmmm can't even conjure up what that would tast like. I can't imagine the impact of seeing the sites in Buchenwald. Any particular differences in the hotels compared to here?

From Julie on Sep 26th, 2007

it sorta tastes like a base for ice cream... a bit eggy and kinda thick. No, hotels are pretty much the same wherever we go. The free breakfast is different from the US (always meats...) but othat's about it.

From Jacqui on Oct 7th, 2007

Yay Julie! I'm glad that my email encouraged you to pray. =) It's funny to read your blog and remember all the things that I did on trip. There was so much that was the same, so much that was different. I hope you're having a great time!