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8 days- now with cookies!

Written on: Friday September 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

I just got back from making cookies at Mike's. Sallie, Jason, Mike and I had planned for a couple of days to make cookies the night before the our long excursion (fyi, Sallie wants to be a pastry chef). So today was the day. Sallie and I were supposed to go shopping this morning, but we were all out a bit late last night (I missed the first night bus home and had to wait another hour. Not cool.), so we had a late start and I had to leave to go to my gastschwester's Schwimm und Sportfreunde at 3pm. Yes, a German swim meet with lots of boys in speedos. It was interesting. Anna did really well in her heat and it was kinda cool to go with Baerbel and Anna's grandmother.

So when I got back, Sallie called and we decided to meet around 5:30 to go shopping for what we needed to make cookies. Five turned into six and Mike lives about 20 minutes away- and it took us an hour to get everything we needed in the store! Baking soda and cream of tarter don't translate well. The baking soda is something about baking helper and the cream of tarter is actually cream, looks like sour cream, and is called something like Schmant. Vanilla extract is incredibly hard to find, spice racks are a nightmare (thank goodness for illustrations!) and I never did find nutmeg. But we survived and finally made it to Mike's sometime just before 9. Mixing the snicker doodle and sugar cookies didn't take long (Mike also made us mashed potatoes because we were hungry and I made some delicious chai from scratch!), but we couldn't find a baking sheet or parchment paper and the oven was really small, so our makeshift backing sheets batches (I'm not actually sure what they were, they were about the size of a cake pan but with no sides) were rediculously small. I miss the Vista House's two ovens! It tooks about a 1.5-2 hours to bake most of the cookies. Since Mike lives so far out and Sally lives about an hour on the other side of town, she ended up catching the 10:17 bus back and I stayed to cook more. I left around 11 and we did had one more batch in the oven and 18 more left over which I took home for the Kaatz's. I had though Jason was coming (he didn't) so I made way too much chai and have Skibo's Nalgene full of wonderful chai. I'll probably have some tomorrow and tell the Kaatz's to drink the rest. I hope they like it.

So the 8 day trip! I'm going to nine different cities. In order, they are Eisenach, Erfort, Buchenwald, Weimar, Leipyig, Dresden, Wittenberg, Goslar, Braunschweig, and Hildesheim. I'll be wandering through the Bach Haus, a castle, a concentration camp, the Naumburger Dom, the Lutherhaus, a mine, an opera and a mine, and many town tours (all in German, so we'll see how much I learn). Luckily, no museum tours. We went to a Roman one in Köln on Thursday and a Roman one in Bonn on Friday and we all agreed that it was too many museums too close together and too much Rome in general! (Bonn was about the edge of the Roman empire around the time of Caesar. I think it was Caesar.) The beginning of the week should be sunny and slowly get colder and more rainy. It'll be a lot of time in the bus. I have my cribbage board, some German and English reading, my ipod, and a lot of free time.

I probably won't be updating my blog while I'm gone (sorry mom) unless I find a really cheap internet cafe and several hours. It'll be a lot of stuff we're going through. Björn, our student director person, gave us a stack of brouchures about an inch thick, plus a couple city maps. Yeah.... luckily the program is paying for about two meals a day and we have the lovely cookies we made tonight to enjoy. I'm looking forward to the trip.



From Scott on Sep 22nd, 2007

I love it. The cookies were sweet action. And I agree, too many museums is (are?) too much. You made chai from scratch! I am so proud.