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Roll Over Beethoven

Written on: Friday September 14th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Hallo! I'm finally back in school. I got the ok from the Kaatz' Hausarzt (family doctor) around 12:30 and decided to head over to AIB and wait for my classmates to get out of a class I was supposed to be in, join them for lunch, and then hang out until it was time to go on the excursion to the German House of History. I didn't see the point in joining the class for the last 20 minutes when it was a 2 hr class and I no idea what they had been doing for the past few classes. Better to get caught up all at once. They finally got out and I headed off with Sallie and Skibo (fyi, he goes by Mike, Skeebs, or Skibo) to get lunch and find some African store Sallie had seen from her bus. (Un)fortunately, I found out that I did indeed have a class that afternoon. They split the German speaking class into two groups roughly divided as "good" and "not so good." So after a lovely Döner and adventure in finding the African store (we wandered around the path Sallie's bus takes until we discovered it more or less upthe street (but across a main intersection/bus stop) from the AIB. Then I went to the "not so good" class. It was ridiculously easy and boring. Maybe I'm a bit between classes because it was waay too easy, but the hard class might be too hard.

Anyways, after class we went to the Haus die Geschichte. We had a tour. In German. She talked slowly so I think most of us got the main idea of what was going on, but my brain starts to go numb when I listen to only German for an hour or so (I noticed this when watching tv) and I started getting confused by the end. It was a really cool museum though. It's though very highly of here.

I looked around town for a bit, so excited to finally be out of the house and lost track of time... It was about a quarter to seven when I realized how late it was and needed to head back. I've never taken a bus home, but I've checked out which ones go back to my stop. Not seeing my tram anywhere, but the right bus really close, I hopped on. Apparently I didn't look closely enough, because it was NOT the right bus (or if it was, it was going a crazy different route and I didn't want to find out). I got off at the next stop, but had no idea where I was but I thought I knew how to get back. Um... I didn't. So I kept wandering, no idea where I was, until I finally made it back to where I had originally hopped on the bus and found the tram I usually take. I didn't get home til about 7:30. Laughed about the story with my host family and then had leftovers for dinner (they had already eaten). Anna and I had made little figures of each other out of paper the other night, and she posted hers up on a piece of paper and gave it to me. It's really cute and I put it up near my bed; I'll have to get a picture of it.

Well, apparently while I was stuck inside, the others have been enjoying the night life. Eager to be anyplace NOT my house, I made sure to be included on their plans last night. We (Sallie, Skeebs, Jason, Tally and I) met at the fountain at 9:30 and headed to microbrewery called Bönnisch where Erik was with some of the others from our group. Erik and others from our group had met some couch surfers. They were a fun group and we hung out with them for a bit. I really don't like bier. I don't enjoy it at all, so I decided to try other things. I ended up having an Astlerwasser (which is basically beer and lemonade and tastes almost exactly like Mike's Hard Lemonade) and Boennerschluss (sp?) which is bier with a shot of flavoring (it wasn't as good as the Astler). Well, after hanging out with the couch surfers for a bit, the outside seating closed. Some of the group still wanted to drink, so we all (including the couch surfers) headed to Blow Out. I was done for the night, but I was having a great time with people. One of the couchers, the most hilarious English guy named Iain, handed us his business card.
Oh yeah! I had my first laundry experience the other day. I had heard their washing machines were incredibly difficult, but I didn't have much trouble with it. Their settings weren't in "hot" "warm" and "cold" but in numbers (degrees I think), and there's a few more doors to open but I think they're more efficient. They dry their clothes on the covered porch outside my Gasteltern's bedroom and despite things being a bit stiff when you first put them on, it's a pretty good system. Not sure how long it's going to take my jeans to dry though... I guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Well, tonight we have a tour of Beethoven's house and a Beethoven concert (Bonn extremely proud to be the place Beethoven was born) and tomorrow my long weekend starts. We haven't gotten our passports back from getting our visa, so most people are sticking around Bonn. A few are going to try to go to Paris with a copy of their passports, but we're not sure if that will work. I think I'll explore the UBahn a bit and go to Koeln. I've heard the Cathedral is pretty cool.


From Scott on Sep 15th, 2007

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time! Let me know how the UBahn is!