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ich habe hunger

Written on: Thursday September 6th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

Today was fun.  As I told my Gastvater, my first class was at 11:45 and I ended around 3, including lunch.  So I woke up late.  It was wonderful.  Then my hair straightener broke.  No big deal, but annoying.  So I leave early to find a new adapter because I have to hold Scott's old one in place for it to power anything.  I find one, all good, but I still can't find a hairdryer anywhere.  Get to class, all good, we learn about the historical context of Don Carlos (which none of us understood from the text.  Sehr schwer!) and then break for lunch.  I had an EXCELLENT crepe at Crepes König (now that's a mouthgasm) and then back to class for more Don Carlos.  It was supposed to end at 3:30, but we ended up going til 4.  Some of us noticed, but we kinda wanted to know what's going on in the play.  I mean, we're seeing it tonight.  So think I want to take a new way home because I have a couple hours before I have to be back at AIB to leave for the play (i'm totally not going to have much time to finish this, i have to eat and leave in 20 minutes).  I try to take the U-Bahn because I have a station by my house, but I'm not sure what one to take.  Yeah, definitely took the wrong one.  It stopped in Bruel (part of town I live in) but not the area I usually get off at, so I stayed on.  For 3 more stops.  Way out of my way.  So I had to get off and wait 10 minutes for the next.  Then I got off a stop too early and had to wait another 10 minutes.  Then I had to wait 10-15 to get the tram I usually take back home.  Keep in mind I could have walked home from AIB in 15 minutes or less.  I should have when I was waiting for the tram, but by then it was the principle of it.  Grr.


ok, must eat and run.