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ich bin ein Berliner! Photos


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Berlin Hauptbonhof (unedited, kinda dark)

Jewish Synagogue

Look, 3 Knuts!

Large lion in a tiny lion cage.

Berlin- still rebuilding

inside the Reichstag. I really like the eagle in the background.

That dark line? Where the Berlin Wall was.

The eco-green-roof-thing on top of the Reichstag

Can you see me?

The group (the silly picture). The guy 2 people over from me is Bjorn, an AIB staff member. We like hanging out with him.

Looking into no-mans-land from the East Berlin wall to the West Berlin wall

Front of the Reichstag

Me and the Brandenburg Gate

The controversial Jewish Memorial in the middle of Berlin. Apparently when it's warm (which it wasn't for us!) it is covered with tourists and sunbathers lounging on the concrete blocks.

Look closely. That's a grill at his waist. He's a portable bratwurst stand!

Je-sus? original East Side Gallery art.



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