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When in Rome...

Written on: Monday December 10th, 2007

A journal entry from: Fall for Germany

I'm in Rome. I'm coming home in 2 days. Actually 3. But sort of 2. I get to ATL on the 12th and my flight to PDX doesn't leave til the 14th. So if there is anyone reading this who lives in the ATL region/has decent transportation to ATL who would like to put me up for the night, I would much appreciative. My flight doesn't leave until 12:30pm on the 13th, which is nice. We were going to try to change my flight to be direct, however, we're leaving pretty early from Germany, so it mostly likely won't happen, but it might be cheaper/easier than getting a hotel. grr hotels.

Better updates later.


From Jacqui on Dec 15th, 2007

Looks like I'm reading this a couple days late...oops. Oh well, I've been really sick these past few days, so you wouldn't have wanted to stay with me anyway. I hope someone else was able to help you! We should catch up sometime. Did you ever get my letter?