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Recording business conversations on the go? and unnoticed!

Written on: Tuesday July 1st, 2008

A journal entry from: business trip

How many of us have been caught into a meeting where lecturers and attendants were just talking too fast for us to be able to write down our notes in an acceptable form, and wished they had a secret recorder to avoid losing parts of the conversation which, at a later time, may turn out to be vital?

Now, with the aid of micro recorders, all this priceless information will not be lost!

A micro digital voice recorder allows you, with the push of a button, to record any conversation within up to 10 meters, with absolute clarity of sound, and with a storage capacity of up to 144 hours of conversation.

The most common device of this kind is for example a Pen Recorder which, as the name goes, is a MP3 recorder embedded in a common pen.

There is no complicated technology, no visible keys on the pen to activate the recorder, just push the button as if you were writing, and your pen will start recording unnoticed. Some normal recording pens have 4 or 5 recording keys on the body, which would spoil the secrecy.

This will allow you not also to have a copy of your conversations, but also to record them while others are not aware, which is always a useful feature when business is concerned.It also has no flashing LEDs on the body unlike other models.

The Rec-Pen can store up to 144 hours of conversation in WAV format (72 hours in MP3 format), which can easily be downloaded to a computer via a USB cable. This allows it to be used as file storage, just plug it in and you can transfer your files to any PC.

When inactive, it turns automatically to stand-by mode and yes, it can be used as a normal pen. So if you want to take notes, you can feel free to do it, without having to worry about not fully grasping all that is said around you while you are writing, the pen will do it for you!