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Cape Reinga, 90 Mile Beach, and the Far North

Written on: Saturday May 24th, 2008

Took an amazing daytrip to the Far North. We stopped at a forest to see some kauri trees then went to Cape Reinga, the furthest northern point of NZ and a very isolated area! A beautiful lighthouse at the end and such, it was wonderful. Then we went sandboarding down huge sand dunes which was sooo much fun! You get to something like 100km on your way down...I had a great run, but flipped at the very end and ended up with a lot of sand in my face and mouth. Then we drove down 90 Mile Beach (which is actaully 64km long), and you actually drive on the beach, it is considered a state highway. It's dangerous though, many people who try to drive it themselves don't check the tides (the water comes in and out like crazy!) and lose their cars...yikes!

Met some really cool people on my trip and in the Northland in general, and had an incredible feast of shellfish, lamb, and many other nice things which was really nice :)