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Written on: Thursday March 13th, 2008

Sadly, not a single piece of photographic record exists of Pangandaran (or if it does, it is in the hands of the horrible man we like to call the "Happy Jus Thief"--after the juice boxes he stuck in our purses to replace the weight of our stolen ipods & cameras). It was such a great time and we had sooo many amazing pictures from it, it just makes it sting even more.

Again we were able to stay at what was by far the nicest place the whole time! For $10 a night we had our own house bungalow. It had a huge living room with a couch, 3 chairs, and stools and a bar, mini fridge, TV, 2 bedrooms with 2 beds each, a bathroom, 2 porches, and really cool doors that were like stable doors (1 door for the bottom half and 2 shutter doors on the top half).  

Our first day in Pangandaran we went to the National Park. We hired two guides, Toto and Nono, who took us on like an 8 hour trek through the jungle. It was so cool! We saw and fed monkeys, went in a cave where we saw porcupines (one of which mistook Becca's shoe for food!), saw tons of deer, hiked to two waterfalls (one of which was huuuge, and we first went to the top where we could look down the waterfall, which spilled down onto a rocky shore and then into the sea. We then climbed--literally, down a cliff using tree roots!--to the bottom where we swam and could stand under/in the waterfall--the water was so hard/strong, though, you couldn't stand there for long!) We also saw a blue scorpion, the rafflesia flower, the largest flower in the world (though we were unable to find it in full bloom, we saw it in all the other stages--as a bud, starting to flower, and then a dead wilted one). We also saw what they call "buffalo"--which are actually cows (though a little different...shorter legs and they have behinds like white-tailed deer!) that live in the jungle!! So weird. I had so many great pictures of all of it...*sigh* I don't know if I'll ever get over it! :(

Then we finally hiked to a long white sand beach, where the tide was way out so you could almost walk half a km out on rocks into the sea. We saw a gorgeous sunset and it was amazing!

The next day we went with 3 really cool Indonesian guides around the countryside, saw beautiful rice fields, rivers lined with palm trees and ferns, etc, crossed a bamboo bridge, and took a boat to hte gorgeous Green Canyon. Again, great pictures lost forever!

Our final day Becca and Betty learned to surf, but I was watching my money so decided against it and just relaxed on the black sand beach and read. At 6:00 we were picked up by a mini bus that dropped us at the bus station where we boarded the fateful bus where we lost our ipods and cameras :( :( :( Becca has realized that it was March 15 when we boarded the bus..."Beware the Ides of March!"

Oh, well.

Indonesia was amazing, but I am sad that it ended on such a sour note. And I'm sadder that I don't have all the amazing pictures!!! Sooo many good ones. I got my purse back that was stolen in Ko Phi Phi (it was sent back to Rangsit). My IDs were all inside, but alas my camera was gone, with not even a memory card left behind :(