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Written on: Wednesday March 5th, 2008

Singapore is a super modern and clean, efficient city. They have so many rules, laws, and crazy fines to enforce them, that the city is very orderly and clean. We got around really easily on the metro system and it was an easy city to navigate. But it rained a lot, and it wasn't really the most exciting place, just a big city (that also happens to be a country). We had a nice hotel room (we paid dearly for it though, as Singapore is not at all a cheap city!) The diversity of the people, languages, etc. reminded me of KL. There are big Chinese and Indian populations in Singapore as well. We stayed in Little India, but the Indian food wasn't actually that great, which was disappointing to me!

We basically just explored the city. The Quays and areas around the river, we saw the Esplanade Theaters on the Bay, which are called the "giant durians" (a big spiky fruit all over SE Asia that smells horrible!) because of their spiky designs. We saw the largest fountain in the world, but I wasn't too impressed (it didn't even look like a fountain, and they put on a light show at night and it was very unimpressive), and just explored the different areas of the city. It rained the whole time we were there, so we ended up seeing another movie there--1000 BC. (Much more expensive than in Malaysia!) It was definitely the least culture-shock kind of place, I felt like I was in a big city in America. I was definitely ready to ditch the city scene and head off the vastly different and more beautiful Indonesia!