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Georgetown, Malaysia

Written on: Sunday March 2nd, 2008

Georgetown is supposed to be a colonial-like city in northern Malaysia, near the border of Thailand. It didn't prove too interesting for us. It served more as a place to do some quick shopping (I obviously had to pick up a new camera, purse, wallet, etc) and it seems the city had gone downhill a bit in the last few years. Everything we had found in the guidebook (from hostels to restaurants to sights to see) seemed to be shut down! We ended up spending a lot of time in the mall and even seeing the movie Vantage Point. It was a kind of nice break though, we almost felt like we were back home (only with the nice change of only having to pay like $3 for a movie!) The best thing we did was something we stumbled upon while just wandering the city. We saw a place called "The Chocolate Boutique" and figured it was just a chocolate shop, but maybe we'd go buy a couple pieces of chocolate. It turned out to be a museum/shop type place, where an Indian woman took us around 7 different rooms of different kinds of chocolate ("Healthy" chocolate, chocolate covered fruit, etc, etc) and let us sample pretty much every single kind fo chocolate they had (we were sooo full afterwards!!) It was pretty amazing. Then she showed us how chocolate is made and we bought a few things from there. It was definitely the highlight of Georgetown.

In all, we spent two days in Georgetown, which really seemed like more than necessary, before catching the last bus to KL.