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Paradise in Ko Phi Phi

Written on: Sunday February 24th, 2008

From Khao Sok we took a minibus to Krabi and caught a boat to Ko Phi Phi...one of the most beautiful places in the world! The water is the kind of clear blue you imagine when you think of paradise. It WAS paradise there! We spent our first day there laying all day on the beach (after which we all got horribly burned!) and swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear gorgeous water, where we saw all kinds of amazing tropical fish and coral (basically Finding Nemo was right there in front of my eyes!) It was a perfect day. Unfortunately, the next day rained all day, but we met a lot of really cool people on the island to hang out (apparently Ko Phi Phi, and southern Thailand in general, is the Cancun/Miami/Orlando for Swedes! There were so many of them. And lots of Israelis too. But we met all kinds of people from all over the world.) The next day a couple more of our friends from school came and met us. We hiked up to a viewpoint on the highest part of the island which had gorgeous views of the whole island and the isthmus we were staying on, so it was just a small strip of land with gorgeous beach and water on each side! Again,  I had some great pictures :( Then we took a half day trip where we went snorkeling and kayaking off Ko Phi Phi Ley, an uninhabited island near Ko Phi Phi. Then we got to go on the island and explore a bit and see the gorgeous Maya Bay. These are the pictures I am most upset about losing!!!!! But all the places we went were where they filmed the movie The Beach, which they are obsessed with here and play in all the restaurants and bars like every day!

But, aside from the loss of my purse and camera, southern Thailand was amazing, especially Ko Phi Phi! I might just have to schedule some time before I go to Australia to go back, because I can't stand that I don't have pictures of it!