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Khao Sok National Park

Written on: Saturday February 23rd, 2008

Later Betty, Becca, Chad and I went to Khao Sok, a national park in the middle of the peninusla. We spent a day trekking through the jungle to a waterfall, which was quite an experience! Right around the time we got close to reaching the waterfall (a few hours trek into the jungle) it started to rain a little off and on. Then on the way back, it started to pour and thunderstorm! The trail was pure mud, and we had to cross a small river numerous times which was even slippier in the rain! The worst was the fact that there were these small inchworm leech-like things that we had to constantly stop and check for and get off our legs and keep from crawling down into our shoes! It was definitely an experience, I only wish I had pictures from it!