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Written on: Sunday March 9th, 2008

From Bromo we had a long day of buses (super crowded, always stopping buses with no A/C and with Indonesians constantly getting on selling food, drinks, and playing guitar and singing, begging for money). We arrived that night in Bali and went to Lovina, a smaller, less touristed area on the north coast of Bali. It was just us and 2 German guys off the entire bus that went there instead of south. We ended up getting a really nice room for just $8 a night, with a bathroom with hot water (!!! though the hot water didn't work the second day), 3 beds (each our own bed!!!) and even a pool and nice free breakfast in the morning. It was a beautiful resort, too, with pretty gardens and beautiful buildings, a gorgeous pool, and right next to the beach. The owner loved us and gave us a great deal on the room, a luxury bus to Yogyakarta when we left, a dolphin and snorkeling tour, and renting a van for the day to go around the area. It was wonderful!

Our first day we had the rented van. We went to a waterfall, visited a market where we bought way too many gifts, drove through the mountains and countryside of Bali, seeing gorgeous rice fields, visited a monkey forest, spent some time at a hot springs, and finished the day off with a quick visit to a Buddhist temple. We then got dinner, sat out on the beach staring at the stars (some of the brightest I've ever seen! As we were around almost no lights at all), and then took a night swim in the pool!

The next day we were up at 4:30am to get on the boat (not a big boat, a little canoe-like boat) for our sunrise dolphin tour! Not only did we see a gorgeous sunrise over the mountainous coast of Bali, but we saw tons of schools of dolphins, one that even went right next to our boat! There were a ton of boats out there, all chasing after the dolphins, but it didn't ruin the awesomeness of it at all. Then our boat took us out to a reef and we went snorkeling. We saw all knds of coral and tropical fish (Finding Nemo again!), including bright blue starfish! They also gave us bread to feed the fish, and we had schools of fish swimming up to us and nibbling at our hands, eating right out of our hands! It was crazy!

We had a night bus to catch that evening, so we spent the rest of the day lounging by the pool reading, it was a really great time in Bali, I only wish we'd had more time to spend there and see the rest of the island and the neighboring Lombok and Gili Islands!