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Mt. Bromo

Written on: Friday March 7th, 2008

We flew early morning from Singapore to Surabaya, where we immediately felt the difference! We had definitely move back to a third world country. Immediately off the plane and then off the bus from the airport we were approached by a million people trying to point us here or there, get us to buy this or that or get on this or that bus. We managed to maneuver ourselves onto a bus to Probolinggo, the gateway to Mt. Bromo, where they dropped us at a tourist agency (everyone in Indonesia is tied to another agency, every bus or whatever drops you at a certain hotel or tourist agency that they work with...it's pretty much how most of SE Asia is). We got a minibus with this British guy and girl to Cemoro Lawang, the town next to Bromo. Our hotel had incredible views of the volcano, we were the closest hotel to it with the only views, so that was cool. As soon as the sun started to set it became FREEZING! We rented big coats from the hotel and bought hats, gloves, and long socks from the guys selling them outside our hotel (they must make a killing selling that stuff! At least my hat says Bromo on it! :)) We looked ridiculous with coats too big for us (well mine was the only one tha was too big really), Bromo hats, long socks pulled up to the bottoms of our capris hehe. But everyone was all bundled up. We ate a nice dinner at our hotel and then crashed early (huddled together in our bare bones room!) because we had to be up at 3:30am. By 4am we were in a jeep (sharing with 3 guys from Japan) and driving up to the mountain across from Bromo to see an AMAZING sunrise! I'm so glad I at least have the pictures from that (will post soon). Then we rode back down to the base of Bromo where we rented horses and rode them to the bottom of the crater, then climbed the steps to the top of the crater. It was cool, and there were a ton of Indonesian tourists and they all wanted pictures with it. It was funny.

We were back at the hotel by 8am for breakfast and ready to catch our minibus (which ended up being the public bus, that took 3 hours, stopping every 5 minutes to pick up people...but it was cool seeing local people just living their day to day life) back to Probolinggo to get our bus to Bali!