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around Bangkok and back to Koh Chang

Written on: Sunday February 17th, 2008

We've been taking it easy a little bit the last couple weeks. Last weekend we stayed in Bangkok, went downtown and visited the Grand Palace, but couldn't get in because of the fact that the King's sister's body is still on display and apparently only Thais can go in. We explored Chinatown a bit also...it is basically just a huge mass of market stalls. Wandering the streets, we would constantly find ourselves in huge buildings or on long streets with stall after stall after stall selling everything from digital cameras and video games to golf clubs and t-shirts and dvds and animals and anything else you can think of! It was a long an exhausting day, as days in Bangkok always are!

Then this weekend we felt like we needed a nice relaxing weekend, so Becca and I headed back to the island of Koh Chang. We had planned to stay at this really secluded beach that only has one place to stay and no electricity. The first night we got there too late to get to the beach, but on the ferry over we met a tour group of 25 Thai men who are all principals of schools up in the northeastern region of Ubon Ratchathani. They invited us to come stay at the same place as them and have dinner with them. It was a very interesting evening! Only a couple of them spoke any English, but we had a good time teaching each other Thai and English, taking photos (every single one wanted a picture with us!) and trying interesting food (tentacles of who knows what, clams, things I didn't even want to ask!) They were extremely friendly and offered to "take care" of us if we ever wanted to go up north to their province! They even asked us to come along on their tour to Pattaya and a national park, but we declined.

The next day we ended up not going to the beach we wanted because we woke up to dark skies and rain :( So we ended up at the same place and beach we had stayed at our last time on Koh Chang. We managed to squeeze in a few hours on the beach with some sun and swimming in the ocean, got Thai massages, then met up with our friend Sean who had been on a different part of the island doing a bit of a solo trip. Then four more people from our program ended up showing up that night, so we had a nice night hanging out there before heading back here, not quite as relaxed as we would like, yesterday. 

It was a good weekend, but I am looking forward to a long trip (no classes Thursday) this week to the south of Thailand. That is where all the really nice beaches, snorkeling, and gorgeous limestone cliffs, etc are!