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Ko Chang

Written on: Tuesday January 8th, 2008

Saturday and Sunday, we spent a day and a half on Ko Chang, a pretty different island from Ko Samet. Ko Chang is the third largest island in Thailand and the whole center of it is jungle! Unfortunately, we didn't have the time or funds to take a trek into the jungle (at least not this time!) except for a quick trip to a waterfall which we were able to swim at the bottom of! It's the dry season now so it wasn't quite as spectacular as I'm sure it is in the wet season, but it was nice. The island was absolutely gorgeous, there were palm trees EVERYWHERE. "Chang" actually means elephant in Thai, so it actually translates to Elephant Island, and you would often see groups of people riding elephants around and it seemed like every hotel, restaurant, etc. had elephant statues all over. Again the place we wanted to stay was full, but they let us sleep on the hammocks in their main area for free! So we are getting pretty good at budgeting our money, though we still spend a lot eating all the great food here! (Although I will admit that yesterday, Becca, Chad, and I felt really sick of rice, omletes, curry, and all that and took a trip to the mall just to eat KFC and Dairy Queen at the food court! haha!)

Still having a great time here. We've got a great group and I'm enjoying every minute of my time here so far! This weekend we are taking it easy, the university is taking us on a trip to Ayutthaya, a place with some famous wats (temples) and I think a palace or two. It will be good to have someone knowledgable to tell us what everything is and give us the history of it all. It should be a nice change, and we can relax and explore Bangkok a little more on the rest of our weekend.

I actually start class today, this afternoon at 5:00 I have an International Marketing class. We'll see how that goes. It feels so strange to be going to class here! But I'm excited because I will be learning about Thai language, Thai culture, and I decided to take a Thai cooking class so maybe I will actually be able to cook something for you all when I get back! (and Dad, I can let you know all the dishes you can and can't eat!)

Well I'm off to the market to pick up a few things before class starts. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new year!


From kate on Jan 9th, 2008

Rachael, that sounds ridiculously awesome! I'm jealous of your Thai cooking class. I leave on the 22nd for DC and the 25th for Russia. :) I'm pretty excited. I just got the info about my host family, and they're pretty awesome.

From Muallimin on Jun 28th, 2012

I agree. Even if you've never been anywhere near as etrexme as Lia, little things about the way she thinks and relates to food are so universal at least in my experience. The caloric content of everything she sees or eats is in parentheses she can't look at food without thinking of the adverse consequence it'll have on her, and she tries to gain control over her life by controlling food. It's a remarkable read. And the consequences of what she and her best friend do to themselves aren't delivered in a preachy way, they're just honest consequences and they're pretty awful. It takes as deft a hand as LHA's to accomplish this story without a hint of melodrama.