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Homeward Bound

Written on: Monday May 18th, 2009

A journal entry from: Lemons into Lemonade

Waterloo, NY  to  Norristown, PA

miles covered: 263

tolls: $7.90

price of gas in PA:  $2.33

listening to: The Funny Thing is... by Ellen Degeneres

I can't believe my cross country adventure is complete!  I had a fantastic time!  Thank you all for your thoughtful and funny comments.  That support meant the world to me.


Summary of My Adventure:

days traveling: 83

miles covered: 13,202

most miles driven in one day: 487

tanks of gas: 52

highest gas price: $2.69 in AZ and CA ($3.01 in Ontario)

lowest gas price: $1.72 VA

tolls: $72.35

states driven through: 35

states I haven't been in before: 17

stops along the way: 49

friends visited: 20 (My favorite part of this trip!)

books on CD listened to: 16

famous people I met: 3

roadside government checkpoints/ inspections: 6

ghost tours:  2

lighthouses seen: 3

castles toured: 2

searches for rich stuff: 2  (diamond hunting and panning for gold)

rainbows seen: 3

tumbleweed encounters: 6

postcards sent: 102

pieces of clothing packed, but never worn: 11

(Why did I pack a dress? Why did I pack so many shorts? Wishful thinking, I guess.)

speeding and parking tickets: 0 (ohh yeah!)

gross bathrooms encountered: 3

peed outside: just once!

Subway hoagie shops without provolone cheese: 3 (is it an east coast thing?)

museums toured: 20

national or state parks visited: 16

favorite museum: Women's Museum, Dallas, TX

favorite park: Yellowstone, WY

animals seen in the wild:  bison, elk, manatee, elephant seal, crocodile, grizzly bear, mule deer, bighorn sheep, coyote, antelope, prairie dog,  ground hog, white hare, brown bunny, chipmunk, salmon, turtle, goose, duck, pheasant, turkey, raven, heron, loon, vulture and trumpet swan.  (My second favorite part!)

best hotel: Staybridge Suites, Las Vegas

creepiest hotel: Pecos, TX

scariest drivers: Dallas, TX

nicest drivers: Portland, OR

tastiest dinner: Bradley Ogden in Las Vegas

best fast food: Culver's Cheese curds and Jack in the Box (breakfast all day)

orders of cheese curds eaten: 5

glad I took this trip: definitely! I had an amazing adventure!

Thank you all for cheering me on!


From Momma on May 26th, 2009

What a wonderful adventure you've had! It was so good, that I'm amazed you decided to return to us... AND thanks for taking us along - your writing entertained me many a morning!

From Laura on May 28th, 2009


From Judy on May 29th, 2009

Glad you had such an amazing time, and glad you are home! It'll be great to see you!!!!

From Susan on Sep 9th, 2012

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