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Flying to Lisbon

Written on: Thursday August 7th, 2008

I woke up early this morning, obviously a little messed up with the timezone change.  But after a quick breakfast and shower, I tricked my body into thinking I wasn't tired.  The key to dealing with timezone changes is to try to adapt as quickly as possible to the normal hours of sleeping and waking, instead of giving into the 'sleeping when you're' tired routine.

Anyways, I'm killing some time at the airport waiting for my flight to Lisbon - obviously not the most exciting thing to be doing.  I wanted to go on a mini-exploration this morning, but unfortunately it started raining quite heavily.  Heathrow, being one of the busiest hubs in Europe, is really quite a nice airport.  On the same token however, it is interesting to see first hand what safety are required in such a busy airport.  I'm sitting in a coffee shop watching the 4th test cricket match between England and South Africa, and at the next table over are two police officers in full combat gear carrying machine guns.  Tons of other similar cops can be seen roaming throughout all the terminals at the airport.  To be quite honest, I would not want to have the job these guys have.

Ok I can't think of anything else to write right now (say what?).  Back to my frozen mojito.  No, I'm not drunk...yet.