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Day 21 Tegucigalpa

Written on: Monday August 13th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

Today is a walking tour of the town and tomorrow is for outlying areas. I start off early armed with some torn out pages from an aging guidebook. The first museum on my list no longer seemed to be there but I found Parque del Valle, the church there and the military museum next door. There was some interesting stuff in the guide book about the church, which maybe I{ll fill in here later but to be honest the church didn{t look that interesting and was all locked up anyway. SO I turned to the "Museum" next door. It wasn{t even worth the price of admission, which was free. Large parts of it seemed to be under repair, most of the rest were offices or library sections and the only things to really see were a couple of moldy uniforms, a clunky looking artilllery piece and a whole bunch of pictures of various military officers that nobody heard of or remembered from the mid'20th century. I walk over a few blocks to another park and another church and museum and this one turned out a little better. The art museum was definitely worth the price of admission here, although admission was only 25L ($1.25) so that does not say a lot. An interesting old building and some nice artwork upstairs (mostly modernist including several Dali-esque pieces). Back up to the Central Plaza and the National Cathedral, which was nice but nothing really special either and then over a few blocks more to the NW to another plaza and Church (Calvario I believe). This one was interesting for its facade which included the traditional eclesiastical carvings along with a more indigenous sun symbol at the top. But what made it really interesting for me were the huge flocks of pigeons camped out on every possible outcropping along the front of the building. I tried to capture some "artistic" photos of the building while the pigeons were in flight. We{ll see how  they came out and I{ll post them if they turn out like I hope. From there it was a short walk up about 4-5 blocks to a small park overlooking the city. I thought it would be easy enough for me to handle in my condition but it was rather a steep climb and the incline in párticular hurt my already sore ankles. There was an art class on top sketching pics and the views were very nice. My only complaint was the placement of some power lines across part of the precipice. Every where else in Teguc. the power line seemed to hang dangerourly low to the street, but here the lines from the street below were way up high enough to be directly in front of the balustrade. Oh well. Some more pics and heading down which was much easier.

By this point it was around 12:30, so I decided to have lunch at one of the most Honduran of institutions - Pizza Hut. No kidding they seemed to have one on every other corner in this part of Teguc. This place was packed with Tegucigalpans, but I  managed to find an empty table on the 2nd floor. Have no fear though, later for dinner I returned to the more traditional diet of roasted chicken, frijoles and plantanos.

The afternoon was to have been spent seeing the other half of the city on the other side of the river (Comayalgua?) and climb to the top of Parque La Paz, a huge green hill in the midst of the city with views all around, but after lunch my ankle was so sore from the morning that I just retreated to my hotel to give it a rest.

Total cost for the day $32