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Day 20 SPS to Tegucigalpa

Written on: Sunday August 12th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

I slept in a little bit to give my ankle a little more rest and went down to the lobby for breakfast and internet. I thought briefly of extending my stay a little and at least going to Tela, a quiet beach town (with Garifuna influence) part way to La Ceiba, but decided I{d save that too for a future trip (one not in the middle of the humid summer). Instead, I would high tail it out of this armpit they call SPS and head back to the cooler mountains around Tegucigalpa. Since I was such a cheapskate yesterday I decide to go out in style and splurge the $2 for a cab to the main terminal, but when I told him I was going to Tegoose, he took me instead to the El Rey bus office, which was only a few blocks away. I could have walked if i knew what I was doing but for $2 I guess it was a pretty small price to be taken to the right place.

A half hour later (around 11:30) the bus is on the move (it turns out it did at least make a stop at the main terminal on the way out of town). The ride was pretty uneventful. I had asked for a window seat up at the front. And when I got on I thought I had made a mistake. It was the only seat that had a foxed window that did not open. No foot room and a speaker almost directly overhead blaring out some sermon in Spanish (it being Sunday morning). But it didn{t turn out that bad. After we got underway, it started to rain so open windows or any decent view weren{t really in the cards any way. The next seat turned out to be unoccupied so I could stretch out. And the music was turned down and changed to some latin pop instead.

A little over 4 hours later (with a 15 minute stop for lunch somewhere in the middle) we arrive in Tegoose. Again, because I had my heavy pack and a bag ankle, I opted for the convenience of a cab rather than hunting around for a bus. I wave down a passing cab, but that caused some sort of uproar with the cabbies that had been waiting in some sort of line. So I go where they direct me to the head of the line. As I{m throwing my bags in the back I ask the cabbie how much to take me to the hotel I had in mind but I don{t understand his answer (and I at least know my numbers in spanish pretty well). Anyway, I figured I{d just take my chances. How much could it be? We get to my hotel and he asks for 120L (about $6) Maybe an extra charge for his wait time in line at the terminal? I know I{m being ripped off and I should have just paid what the fair amount should have been but instead I went along and wrote it off to another lesson learned.

Its too late to really do anything and its sort of rainy, so I just go inside to my room to relax for a while before dinner. Dinner time and its still rainy, but I decide to throw on a jacket and walk the few blocks to a restaurant I{d seen listed. Unfortunately, either becuase it was Sunday night or the rain everything turned out to be closed (except the fast food type places BK, Pizza Hut, Pollo Campero). I wind up walking all the way back to my hotel, getting a bit soaked in the process and ordering something from the chinese place next door.

Total cost for the day $40: $16 for my hotel $6 for the bus ride all the way from SPS and $6 for the cab ride the lousy 15 blocks to my hotel in Tegoose.