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Day 17 Santa Rosa to Copans Ruinas

Written on: Thursday August 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Central America Road Trip 2007

A little internet to start the day and then hotel checkout and a taxi down to the main road to catch a bus to my next stop. I get down there just as the next bus (for SPS & La Entrada) is taking off. The guy who pointed out the bus to me whistles to the drive to let him know I want to get on board and the bus slows down a little but does not stop. I have to run across the highway with my backpack slung over one shoulder, my day pack on the other and my swollen ankle and finally catch up with the open dorway of the bus. Would it have killed them to stop for just one second? I wouldn´t have had to run as far to catch and they probably would have been able to take off a few seconds sooner so it wouldn´t really have cost them anything. My ankle which had been feeling a little better after a nights rest was starting to throb so I slunk down in my seat and just tried to relax. ...Other than that it was an joyable trip. The bus was not too crowded, there was a ncie breeze coming in through the window and the scenery was great as usual.

We get to La Entrada which is town at the crossroads of where the road from SPS splits for either Santa Rosa or Copans Ruinas, about 2.5 hours later. Within a few feet of where I get off the bus there is another getting ready to takeoff for Copans in another 20 minutes, so the connections could hardly have been more convenient. This time around about the only other passengers, at least at first, is some other backpackers, a nice couple from Holland. We get to talking. They have been traveling down from the Yucatan, through Guatemala, El Salvador, had just come from Gracias and were heading at least over the next several days over a similar route as me. The bus gets going and after a while we each get into admiring the view as we roll along.

This segment took something like 1.5 hours. When we arrive in Copans, we each take our seperate ways with me looking primarily for some place not too far from where the bus let out. After knocking on a couple of doors, I settle on a simple but nice place called Gemelos for 150L/nt (about $8), 1 block from the bus stop and another block from the Central Plaza

With my load lightened, I next take care of food. Stopping at a place called Llamada del Bosque on the other side of the square and order 2 tacos and a Salva Vida (a central american beer that aptly translates to Life Saver). The beer was cool and extremly refreshing. The tacos were rather strange. More like long eggrolls filled with chicken and topped with tomato sauce and grated cheese. I had to use a knive and fork. But the setting was very nice. Shaded and with lots of trees.

The rest of the afternoon I spent exploring the small town. Stopped in for a little more interent (of course), booked a couple of tours for the next day and got some other local info. The church was very unexceptional but the park in front of it was pretty nice. And the hike up to the old jail now called El Mirador del Cuartel offered some nice views and was well worth it. It was starting to get late and my ankle needed another rest so I headed back to my hotel to freshen up for a little while and then went out to dinner.

Actually just went to a bar that Jennifer (the tour agent) had recommended (and also happened to be a co-owner of) called something that is pronounced like She-ba-ba (not sure of the indian spelling). I order 2 of the specials from the placard out front - a rum punch and some curried chicken. I´m sitting there starting my meal, when who should walk in? My Dutch friends from the bus. So I invite them over to join me. The rest of the evening we spent trading travel stories. I also enjoyed hearing about Theo´s work which was as a windmill engineer (leave it to the Dutch). Around 10:30 I say my goodnights and head back to my hotel.

Total cost for the day 670L or about $35.

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